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  1. I started getting styes in 1995 and they rule my life. I get terrible swelling and pimples that bulge into my eyelid and weep sebum. This happens if I read a book, use a cell phone, watch a movie. Do anything. I am a grown man who sits on my couch because I can't 'look' at things very much. I've tried every antibiotic. Been to two may clinics. Johns Hopkins. No one knows. Every time I doc says, 'try hot compresses,' I want to punch him in the face. Am I the only person on earth who has this?
  2. I wish it was just an infection. I've tried at least 20 different antibiotics. I am almost 40 and this has been going on since I was 17 years old.
  3. Hi. I have been suffering from very bad skin issues for 20+ years. What frustrates me is that after 20 years, I still do not have a clear diagnosis. I do not know that I have acne because it doesn't resemble the pictures I see of what most people with acne have. What happens is out of nowhere a small area of my skin will become inflamed for no reason. It can be a small red spot or a large red spot. Over 24 hours, it will rise up. Burst open. Then yellow/orangish sebum leaks out. There is nothing