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  1. I had cystic acne a few years back. I tried Accutane for around a year. From my own experience; The derm said the acne would flair up for probably the first month and then it would die down, I was going to be on a 4 month treatment. But the acne was always getting worse and I ended up staying on it for around 11 months. Around month 8 was when it started to actually help. I can't say just how much it helped because my acne went from bad to dreadful while I was on it. That being said, I h
  2. im about 150 lbs and have been on 40mg a day for 6 months.
  3. I have no more actual pimples, just red marks. Does tane help that? because i really want to get off it. Since i've started im like a whole new person, in only the negative ways, and its killed my attention span. I used to get 80%'s in school now i can barely scrape 60's.....i just cant concentrate on anything, even the derm took me off tane you 2 weeks because of it. Al i want to know is whether or not i should stay on it? 'cuase i am pretty much pimple-less.
  4. hey watsup! I was curious how ur progress is going? Im breaking out again nd might go back on accutane

  5. i had the same problem. i went to see my doctor, he wanted to put me on accutane right away, but i refused...i went back later and got it. he out me on it for 4 months and since i hadnt gotten much better he sent me off to a derm. i say, if he dont put you accutane then go look for a derm. be sure to ask your doc accutane
  6. wel im on accutane, so i'l say some stuff. -i'm not going to mince words; accutane will be a rough journey, but you'll just have to bear with it. it is however, worth it in the end -they say it can have mental side effects, the pills havent bothered me, but the intial break-out drove me into a shell -you'll have an intial breakout. -it takes a while to work, but if you get started soon you'll probabley be clear for summer.....or are you in the southern hemisphere? -post pics pf what you are
  7. i may be wrong, but that shouldnt be able to cause acne. you may be prone on forehead.
  8. so i was to the derm today(monthly checkup for accutane) so he looked and told me that i had "secondary bacterial infection" then after a bit of prescribing and such, he gave a more direct name (i think?) and told me that some of my acne was infected with "super-imposed bacteria" or something like that(i dont rememeber actual wording). so he prescribed me to something called "erythromycin" i'm thinking its an anti-bacterial, but does anyone know anything? and im still on tane.
  9. well. i support tane. my acne was worse than yours, and i spent 2 years on anti-biotics only to find out that it was a waste of 2 years. in all that time i could have finished my accutane trial. but alas i waited....2 damn years.
  10. ah, my first kiss. hasnt happened yet. a few months ago i passed up the perfect opputunity, but my mind was all like" pimples justin, you dont want to do it justin, pimplepimple." needless to say i havent had he chance since . so now much after i went to get acutane, so i better lose these thing
  11. i've recently taken a liking thinking about how life is meaningless(in one sense), as we'll die eventually. is this a sign of depression? or just a bad outlook on things?
  12. i dont have to worry much about picking for scabs. like someone mentioned it all happenes to me in the shower(not on purpose) and usually i dont even realize it. i'll start drying my hair(towel, usually white) and i'll notice 7+ marks, from pus and blood. its quite unappealing. and i start to "leak" spontanously sometimes
  13. Love, it has the potential to be the worst emotion, or the best one.
  14. he was being a prick. i hate it when someone points that stuff out. it happened once today actually, one of my friends pointed out that i was bleeding, we both new what it was, but i really didnt want to hear it. he was just being helpful, not insulting of anything near it. i just find bliss in ignorence