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  1. I don't believe we can exhaust the issue of health, diet, hormones and blood impurty's effect on acne in the spam of one exchange. Both you and I are here to find help with our acne. I am not trying to say this guy is Jesus and you are an idiot. His guide is 25 dollars. I'm an adult with a full time job, 25 dollars is very little to me. You're correct, he doesn't have any secrets. He collects common knowledge about supplements and vitamins, along with their hypothosized effects in one easy to
  2. Umm, correct me if I'm wrong, but most sources I've read said that it takes at least a week for acne to appear after it starts forming. Meaning if you don't wash your face, you'll start to break out around a week later. So it's sort of silly for you guys to be saying, "I masturbated, so I better watch tomorrow to see if I have new acne", or, "I eat a chocolate bar, go into the bathroom, and there's new acne!"
  3. First of all, it's not required to buy all the vitamins I bought. Basically, this isn't about getting rid of acne, so much as being healthy with the removal of acne as a (good) side-effect. A lot of the stuff is stuff you do originally but aren't really necessary later on. Basically I'm making up for 23 years of eating almost entirely fast food and crap and most likely clogging up my liver with toxins. You take the vitamins in saturation doses at first, and then you just take them at the recomme
  4. It's probably called a "Cotton Swab" in the UK. It's a little stick of white cardboard, that has a small ball of cotton on each end. It's good for applying small amount of liquid. I put it in the tea tree oil, then dab it on my zits a few times a day. Aloe Vera I just put all over my face right after I wash it. As for vitamins, I'm going all out, like this other site (which I'm not going to advertise) suggests. So I'm taking a whole bunch of stuff, it'd be too long to list here. And it cost m
  5. I'll start this off by saying I've had acne ever since puberty, and while it's never been bad enough to go on accutane or anything like that, it shifts from moderate, to an annoyance. I went to a dermatologist a couple times, have tried BenzaClin, Mynocycline, Erythromycin in terms of anti-biotics. I've tried benzoyl peroxide, salacylic acid, washing my face, all sorts of things. Nothing ever cured it. Anti-biotics worked for a little while, but it came raging back. After doing some research
  6. Scientifical isn't a word, fyi. Anyways, just because masturbation affects hormones and hormones affect acne doesn't mean masturbation causes acne. They may be entirely different hormones, or the hormonal change may be so small it wouldn't matter. Just do a search for "Hormones masturbation acne" on google, and 95% of the results will be saying masturbation has nothing to do with acne. And no, chocolate doesn't directly affect acne. Oil you ingest has nothing to do with oil that shows up on y
  7. Find that link for me Jerry. I'd be very interested to read it. I mean I could see trace amounts of minerals escaping through semen, but I wouldn't think that much. Also, stress is often contributed to acne, and masturbation is a stress reliever.
  8. He's not using BP, that's the whole point of this thread. He's experimenting with just using water. And I don't know why you think that not jerking off helps Jerry. You can read that as one of the obvious Myths on the main page of this site. It makes you sweat maybe... if it does and you don't wash your face, that could lead to zits. The ONLY thing I think it could do is affect your hormone levels, but I don't think that's the case, otherwise people who have sex on a regular basis would have
  9. In response to your questions about Oxzit, I can't really say. I got a couple bottles about a week ago. No, it doesn't seem to work as miraculously as they say. My acne didn't start going away in 2 days or overnight. But it's cheap, it's water, it doesn't dry, so I continue using it. I'm also doing a lot of other things, which seems to be helping my acne. Even before I read Jerry's post, I was just using water like Oxzit recommends. But I also started taking multi-vitamins, and zinc, and just
  10. Read www.oxzit.com/acnehelp.html. They recommend this, especially for people who have been using a lot of meds or anti-biotics in the past.
  11. Hey everyone, I just wanted to give my 2 cents on this "regime". If you're interested in some opinions on why this idea of just washing with water works, check out www.oxzit.com and www.oxzit.com/acnehelp.html (which they only give you after you buy some, but I'll give it to you guys to spread the info). I've read around here people alternating between saying it's a complete placebo to saying it works wonderfully. To everyone saying, "If washing with just water cured acne, I would never ha