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  1. Ok thx.. im a bit calm now.. all my friends just got babyskin after their course, but i hope youre right about it.. also, would some normal handshop skincare be bad for my skin, because its just been treated with tane?
  2. Hi. I finished my 5 month course for about 14 days ago, but still, I have a few pimples left, and the pores are pretty visible. There's still a little redness from the acne, though, its much better than before. Is this normal? Is it normal too, that I'm already getting acne back? When I whoke up this morning, i noticed 2 pimples, pretty visible. Thx in advance.
  3. That was like "damn"... I'm like 5'8, which certainly isn't enough man.. Why do u guys think this is a possible side effect? I'm just trying the last luck: Has anybody of you actually grown since an accutane course? Of course most possible if you where in your teens Damn..
  4. Hehe thx for the answer. Has anybody experinced a stop in your growing, if you were in your teens while taking accutane?
  5. Hi I'm in the 4th month on accutane treatment... On a website i recently read, that accutane can possibly close the growth plates too early :S My doctor wasn't aware of that, neither was anything even close to this told in the prescription. What shall I believe? Have any of you experienced a stop in the natural growth, after an accutane course, or have you continued growing? Thx
  6. Hi, i've been on accutane for a month now, and it has already made my skin pretty calm. No cysts, only red pimples and very few blacks. Although I got a pimple/nodule on my cheekbone, and it's red an inflamed. I've had it for 5 days now, and has not reduced in size. I've been trying with tea tree oil but it dont do the job.. Any advices - cause it's very ugly and the location of it makes i look twice as big as it is.
  7. Hi! I was at my derm for 5 days ago (been on accutane for 3 days now). I was at some of the first points asking regarding to consume alcohol while on accutane. He said I didn't have to worry, as long as i wasn't addicted. He also told me why: 1. The liver is great to restore itself 2. He's been working with tane for 20 years, and have never experienced elevated liver enzymes regarding to alcohol. 3. In the accutane folder, theres no warning or signs that alcohol is strenuous to your liver -
  8. I believe it's kindof inflamed pimple, with the inclination to scar. Therefor the long healing time too. I've had an almost similar problem..
  9. Hi! I'm the lucky (but not only) owner of an irritating cyst right om my forehead. I think it's kindof nodularcystic, cause theres no white or blackhead, just a big bump. I've been seeing different advices for popping a cyst, but some of them i don't dare, and others i'm doubting. How do you pop a cyst, without swelling or irritating it? Cheers!
  10. I think it says refrain from alcohol for 72 hours before the test. I am a daily drinker and just started 40mg of accutane. I am keeping it to one a day until I see what the test results look like. Also, I may get an increase in my dose so I would have to adjust my drinking accordingly. Be careful, Platinum No it doesn't. Ok thanks Then i don't need to worry. I've already refrained. Havn't been boozing in 3 weeks, which is pretty atypical for me
  11. I have a question. Is the acne showed on the foto worth an accutane treatment? What about antibiotics? Will they generate complete remission in some instances as accutane?
  12. Nice theres no bigger deals. Have anybody of u seen cruel sideeffects on others?
  13. Not unless you are drinking regularly enough and in large enough quantities to elevate the liver enzymes. I drink hardly every or every second weekend. Just to make you sure that im not an alcoholic. Is that to much to elevate the liver enzymes?
  14. Ok, but after the 72 hours, it won't effect the blood specimen?