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  1. Ok can't remember how to add another post to this one, so just going to reply (if anyone knows how please let me know ) Week 2 ok ok so I've had a really frustrating couple of weeks with my skin - after week one, things seemed to clear up a bit and I wasn't so unhappy with it all. I felt like things were getting under control... Then I had a reeeeeeally painful wisdom tooth come through, which made my jaw stiff and lock shut, and made my cheeks puff out horribly. I ended up in the emergen
  2. Hi guys, Ok so I'm back. To put a little story behind this thread, I've been using acne.org products since I was about 18/19 - I'm now 26. So back in my late teens, I had pretty horrific acne. I've suffered with rubbish skin since I was about 12, and it came and went over the years and I was prescribed a variety of topical things, all of which just kinda stopped working and I had to move on to the next thing. When I started using the acne.org BP, in conjunction with a new pill that I wa