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  1. As we all know...we are supposed to use sunscreen when on a retin-a I am currently on tretinoin gel, 0.025 I use Eucerin Redness relief daily perfecting lotion spf 15 -- the only issue is that it's green. so you have to be careful how much you use, and that it absorbs right so you don't look freakishly pale or green. I'm thinking of just going back to using waterbabies spf 50+ since summer is around the corner. i'm just worried it could clog up my pores...though i'm probably worried about not
  2. You said you are using the creme? Retin-A gel is for oily skin, the creme is generally for drier more sensitive skin.
  3. I too just started using the gel at .025% this is about my third week in. Right i have a severe burn under my left eye that has gotten larger, even though i have been careful not to apply the gel there. I also have a smaller burn under right eye. Both are in the process of peeling. It sucks...i look like i got smacked in the eye. I'm in college, and i notice people looking at me, and i know there thinking "what the hell happened to that girls face?" I'm also having the flakes on the side of
  4. Hi, i was prescribed tretinoin .025 about two weeks ago, and have been using it everyday, before i go to bed. The odd part is that i have a big sopt just below my left eye that looks like a major sunburn..., it's bright red and peeling --this is the only spot like this on my face. Has anyone else experiences a reaction like this? is it going to happen to the rest of my face? i don't know why i happened in only that spot, i use cetaphil cleaner and cream, and i just picked up the moisturise
  5. Like most people, i've heard over and over again from so called "scientific sources" that foods don't bother acne, nor do they cause it. of course, for a long time, i too held that opinion, until i started becoming intolerant to certain foods. I won't waste time with the details except that i've had various health problems for about a year, and learned that i was lactose intolerant. it wasn't a big deal. but usually when you become intolerant to one thing, another thing follows. I began havin
  6. I had a reaction simular to yours about a year ago, my acne was really bothering me, so i bought some kind of clearsil product with a high dose of benzoyl peroxide. I applied it at night, and the next morning my face looked like a had a major sunburn and was extremely swollen, it hurt to even talk. The weird part was that when i touched it it too felt hard and almost like i wasn't even touching my face. I went to the doctor, were she told me i was severely alergic to BP and gave me some pill for
  7. As a biology minor and health freak, i can't advocate fasting in any form, especially in a liquid form. Not to say liquids are bad for you..quite the oppposite. Drink plenty of water, eat a vary of healthy foods in moderation. Your body needs fats, proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals to work properly, and that you can't get all of these from consuming just one product in excess, and eliminating all others entirely. Never having done that (and never will) i can't imagine how you can feel li
  8. I'm a big water drinker, and in general i only drink filtered water and 100% juices. Also about every week i buy a bottle of the concentrated cranberry juice from the health food section, the kind that you really can't drink straight because it's so strong. about every few days i add some to my big bottle of water and drink that. The taste is incredibly tart...and not very enjoyable, but you get used to it. I'm a big believer in water and cranberry juice, mainly for flushing out your system.
  9. Has anyone here ever used vitamin E oil on there face to help with acne scars/controling breakouts? I am currently trying to fade my scars, and deal with breakouts. I can't use Benzoyl peroxide in any amount because i am severely allergic. I've been using aloe vera gel, cocco butter creme, and vitamin E creme (all from fruit of the earth) but i recently bought a small bottle of vitamin E body oil (28,000 I.U.) and just started using it on my face at night after washing (with biore pore unclo