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  1. Hi I was wondering why I have been getting Facial hair now in places I never get it but the thing thats weird is sometimes the new facial hair only shows up on one side of my face in that spot, I also have bumps under my skin that DO NOT hurt at all when I touch them you cant even see the bumps only feel them! I also get swollen lymph nodes on my body sometimes! What could this be and is using Glycolic acid going to help!
  2. My acne changed alot and now I have this on my cheek What is it exactly from the looks of it?\ Thank you!
  3. I also have acne on my forehead but this is whats bothering me, what is this and how do I get rid of it Is it acne? scars, pigmentation?
  4. are these red marks if not what are they? Please help
  5. I was wondering how I would get rid of this on my face, if its not hyper-pigmentation than what is it?, thank you for any help! Exercise,treatment, any suggestions
  6. Flat skin with bumps under my skin! Dans Regimen? where should I start my right cheek is so much worse Are these marks completely flat and feel like normal skin ? If yes : these are red marks from past acne, they will fade eventually If you feel a bump : these are acne cysts, either they will go to the surface and be whiteheads or slowly fade. Once the acne is cured, the red mark will fade. Try going the regimen or some topical wash if you didn't yet
  7. I was wondering whats on my cheeks I am completely lost right now with my acne and Im really upset. Thank you! What should I do ?
  8. Ok so let me start off by saying acne never was a problem till about grade 10 im now on my senior year (Grade 12) and my actually is full blown moderate im trying dans regimen (day 1), I just dont know if this is whats right for me I have this acne on my right cheek and I have no idea how to get rid of it is it scaring, or what? I currently eat a healthy diet not 100 percent strict but getting there, decent amount of exercise, bad sleep schedule