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  1. Hi girl, I'm on the same situation as you. I'm 23 years old girl who suffered acne for 4 years since the second year of university. I've try everything but my acne still came back and really bad. I feel so alone because noone beside me have acne, even my family: my grandparents, parents, sister,... I used to be famous as pretty girl with white skin, study well,... And acne totally ruined my life. I can't hang out with my friends anymore and now i 'm so alone. Yesterday when I came back to
  2. Hi, You have same feeling as me. I used to be a happy girl before acne came. I don't want to go outside under the sunlight because my skin is so digusting ( I have tón of blackheads, whiteheads, large pores, some cysts and my cheek are full of close comedones :(( ). My friends often ask me to go out but when I see their flawless skin, I will be sad! I would like to be a friend with you, to share my feeling, girl!
  3. My skin update: My tiny bumps decreased but i have some painful cysts with no heads appeared ( My skin looked even worse than before!
  4. Thank you so much. may be sunscreen is the culprit of my acne. Now I have tons of clogged pores and unhidden tiny bumps.I will get rid of this sunscreen except when I have to go out too long. I used to think that this sunscreen will protect me from the strong sunshine so I bought it even I didn't have much money! Before this post, i thought that I must have accutane. But now, i will give myseft a chance to change
  5. Thank you so much, girl. i used clarins sunscreen. I have one question: The weather is too harsh, and the sunshine is too much ( i don't know how to say:)) ), so how much vitamin D3 should I get? And can I take a omega 3 instead ( i heard that it contains vit D)
  6. My skincare is simple: Morning: cleanser- toner- mouist- sunscreen. Noon: oil cleanser- cleanser- mouist- sunscreen Night: oil cleanser- cleanser- toner -mouist. I cleanse 3 times because using sunscreen clog my pores ( My diet is simple, too. I eat little white rice and little sugar ( i can't get rid because i'm too thin) , avoid dairy, junk food, soy,... it's really hard to avoid wheat because my country's main food is always white rice. This morning, i shocked when looked my face in the
  7. I read every comments and felt much better . My skin was healing and i was so happy. And, I made a mistake. After being too busy to take care of my pregnant sister, i felt so stress. I didn't want to eat anything, lose weight and acne exploded. Then I used eco konjac sponge with hope that it could cleanse my huge tiny bumps on my cheeks. Unfortunately, my skin became more sensitive and my acne got angry (
  8. I'm so happy to be your friend, too I can't go on a strict diet because i'm too thin and if I loose weight, it will be very fun because my head is big and then my body is too thin )
  9. @ Oichi: let's try together. Yesterday I popped a blackhead and it didn't come out. And this morning when i looked at the mirror, it turned to red and really hurt, and of course, my face became disaster I promised to myseft that i won't touch it anymore and stayd happy. @ Rachkellz: I read your post before you leave your comment here. I admire you a lot, you are such a brave girl. I wish that we can become friends
  10. Dear Oichi, I come from vietnam, where the weather is extremely harsh. Where are you come from, girl? I am struggling right now because 5-6 big cyts appeared thí morning because that day of the month is coming. My acne were under control before I just want to talk to someone to share my thought and i'm so happy that I receive helpful information from you!
  11. Dear Oichi, Thank you so much for your helpful tips. i'm trying to have a healthy lifestyle now and it does help me alot. But due to many factors like the weather, the water,... my acne can explode anytime. T don't want to be stressed, but when I'm looking at people around me, they have flawless skin and noone has bad skin as me. I'm afraid of going out under the sunlight because of my bad acne, large pores and scars everywhere on my face. I do want to have a friend who are in the same situatio
  12. I;m suffering cystic acne for 4 years. I have big cysts here and there and a lot of tiny bumps spread all over of my face. I get rid of dairy products and junk foods, stick with a healthy skincare for a long time. Finally, my acne get better. unfortunately, I have a very sensitive skin, extremely hot blood and the liver is so bad, (That's why i can't take accutane) . Once the weather is hot, my body temperature is rising, too, and of course, booom, acne is coming. I feel really depressed right
  13. May be my liver is not good and I have hot blood. My acne decreased yesterday, suddenly exploded. This morning, I woke up with a lot of acne appeared >.< I am trying to ignore them. Blessing that they will gone someday...
  14. I have severe acne for 4 years. By sticking with a suitable skincare routine, my skin got better. But I still have some cysts, a lot of small blemishes and a lot of dark spots all over my face. Today, I popped a lot of blind blemishes and some red cysts. My face became a disaster >.< I will try not to picking and looking at the mirror anymore, so that my skin can healed. Fighting!
  15. Hi megan, Reading your post, I thought that your acne is not as bad as me. I am suffering acne for 4 years and i have lots of big cys with no head spread over my face. I'm still struggling with it and it seems to be a long way. So, you are not alone girl