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  1. Hi, guys. I've been here in the past, skimming over stuff and looked for treatments that worked on hypertrophic scars. Well, I finally saw a dermatologist and he gave me some standard steroid shots (i think just normal 40 kenalog). In the beginning, I had like 20-30 hyptrophic scars on my back/shoulders/chest from cystic acne. They didn't grow or anything, so I wouldn't consider them keloids. So, after a couple months, getting them injected with a month interval between, they've all pretty much
  2. I have some hypertrophic scars from acne on my body (shoulders, chest, back) and have reviewed many treatment options like silcion sheeting, cortisone injections, and surgery... none of which seem to have a high success rate. I heard there is a new treatment called pulsed-dye laser treatment used for hypertrophic scars that is supposed to work pretty well. Has anyone used this or comment on it and perhaps its results? Thanks, Andy