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  1. Has anyone had any experience with the Master Cleanse and its effect on the skin? it supposed to be very beneficial with clearing up acne... I am starting it today, was curious of others experience with it...
  2. everything about that video/linked website looks like a scam. good luck to anyone who tries this
  3. for oilyness, maybe try oil blotting sheets immediatly post moisturizer, pre make-up? I find this removes the oil from the product but my skin remains hydrated. just a thought.
  4. totally feel your pain. you are a brave one for going into work. I had a similar experience with this procedure, but i literally sat indoors for 3+ days...the pain, swelling, crusting and all the other disgusting terrible aspects of the after effects DO go away its just a matter of waiting it out...did they provide you with any creams? moisturize the hell out of your face as much as possible, ice and a squirt bottle of water can be helpful, and hopefully you will see an improvement, i did, and k
  5. well i am happy to proclaim, i have finally found something that has actually been beneficial to my skin... and.. after my third consecutive reply on this topic i decided to go ahead and make my own topic out of it ok, well if any of you are suffering from anything similar to what i have then i HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this... briefly, my skin is basically a mess of large pores, uneven skin tone, blackheads, small bumps(?) everywhere that have no head, and a bit of light scarring..very rare bre
  6. ha i tried it. a bit sticky, absolutely no results
  7. i am living by glycolic acid right now. i had/have the same problem. try adding a glycolic acid cleanser with your salicylic acid. glycolic loosens the dead skin cells from your skin and the salcylic will rough them off. p.s try ULTA if you have trouble finding a cleanser
  8. With Smashbox Photofinish do you know if it works well if I put it on before I exercise. I walk to work on the weekends and its about twenty minutes. I work up quite a sweat and I have sweat dripping down my nose my forehead, my back, etc. I dont want the make up to wear off afterwards so I was wondering if smashbox photofinish helps with that.

  9. yeah...but it does last quite a while so may be worth looking into..
  10. it has helped with flakiness in my case. you should definitely check it out cute avatar...(i think thats what its called)
  11. well this is not completely on subject but i used to save time by brushing in the shower but the drying toothpaste would always get on my chin and cause breakouts...uh so dont do that.
  12. i was pretty much in that same situation for as long as i could remember...to the extent where i was using a pack of the oil blotting tissues every week and a half. nothing ever worked...switching cleansers, using toners etc etc. honestly i would still have an oil problem but i decided to see a doctor about laser treatments and for $350, and about a week of recovery i have ceased to have any type of oil problem whatsoever. if you are really serious about fixing this problem, go see a doctor, so