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  1. So I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I've finally convinced myself that I'm ready to bite the bullet and go on tane BUT as per usual I've psyched myself out... So my acne is definitely not severe. In fact the majority of my face is clear - I have acne on my chin around my mouth and lower cheeks (although recently it does seem to be spreading up my cheeks) Right now I only have about 4 active pimples, yet as soon as one goes away I'm sure to get another. My chin is covered in white h
  2. It works! took 5 months but I don't have a single pimple

    It really works, this product saved my skin. It took a long around 5 months for my skin to clear but it was worth it. I was getting huge painful cysts all over my chin (mainly hormonal acne) and it felt like every pore was clogged. I'd have 5+ active pimples most of the time, but I was scared to try accutane because of the risk of side effects. When I first tried Epiduo I applied too much and my skin burned and peeled and was incredibly painful. I gave up after a few days because of the pain, bu