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  1. Me too. I was doing Botchlas thang for a while, my skin was looking good. i still used a little bp when i needed it. Then Dans bp gel came out. It ROCKS people! so when i tried it, because it's just all smooth and simple and nice and makes my skin feel so healed, well, i just knew i had to incorporate it into my routine. so i do this: C/C blackhead clearing wash, then bp, then sunscreen. Lovely! i love it! not flakey, no zits, minimizes blackhead appearance (but they are still there, ugh!
  2. what about stickers? stickers couldn't be too expensive and they are just SO COOL! teens and folks can put them on their cars and backpacks and foreheads. it can't say something major like ACNE on it because no one wants to advertise that, but it could just say "be clear" or "get clear" or something with bp gel and then when people are like "what's up with your sticker, yo?" we can explain how dans bp gel rocks and they'll run home and order some. man, i'm good. love you!
  3. Day 28: Still good. I can find blackheads and stuff to squeeze if I'm trying but no one would ever meet me and think i had acne.
  4. i went on vacation and haven't written in ages! sorry! and what about chucky? he just dropped out? so, Summary: face is looking NICE. good color. Overall clear, but still a pimple comes up every once in a while, but goes away within a day so not a big deal. I'm going to stick with this method. still have lots of blackheads but they are disappating...this is going to takea while, i've had them for years. I'll just keep posting about once a week
  5. yeah, sounds good...join us! your regimin is sort of complicated but doesn't sound harsh or anything so i think you should go for it, try what you think will work for you. but if you don't get ANY zits on the majority of your face i would (i'm not a MD and i don't even play one on tv) assume that your acne was simply a result of irritation (from shaving) rather than, food, oil production, whatever. so, that being the case i would want to keep irritation to a minimum on my entire face. so jus
  6. still good, my red spots are pretty much faded but you can still see them just a little bit. overall if you look at my face you don't see ANY ZITS OR SIGN OF PAST ZITS. if you seriously examine it you would see the blackheads on my nose and almost faded past zits but hopefully most people don't look you over that throughly. i do notice when i get out of the shower (before washing my face in the AM) my skin feels tight and dry. and i notice my face feels sensitive when i put the SA wash on,
  7. good luck with the botchla routine. it's working well for me so far! i have way fewer red marks than you but TONS of blackheads on my nose. a close up picture would just be gross. keep me posted on how it's working for you!
  8. yeah, i'm still loving this. still have some flakeyness action but no new zits so that's nice. and i swear i've had these blackheads FOREVER. it will be a miracle if they go away all together. this regimine is so easy. like 30 seconds each wash goes so fast. but i do still use aloe on the dry spots and spf moisterizer during the day. day8: same news, clear skin, flakey in patches, blackheads clearing
  9. here we are at day 7 my skin looks GOOD. if i didn't have those 4 darn fading red spots i would be perfectly clear. and my blackheads are going away but it's hard to explain, they just look more like enlarged pores now and not all full of black gunk. so, that's an improvement and i'm hoping to see more of that. I'm really liking this regimin, it's super easy and simple and most of all because it actually seems to work. i'm getting too excited for having only done it for a week but if it ke
  10. yes, thank god for hair. but what's up with you? do you think this is just your initial breakout or something? day 6: i think i might be having an transitional breakout too, i have 2 new pimples. but this might just be because i picked my face last night. i REALLY have to cut that out. otherwise my spots have pretty much faded but i'll have to wait for these two new ones to clear now. and i did spot treat them with neutrogena on the spot benzyol peroxide. skin is still a little f
  11. i LOVE this routine, you can see my log under personal logs but i've only been on it for 5 days. the best part is that my face feels all tingly so it makes me happy enough not to pick and pop. picking and popping were my biggest problems before. and i think my blackheads are going to get better and go away. i use both washes at night, a little aloe vera on my flakey spots, and just the SA wash in the AM as botchla reccomended. i don't scrub and i'm totally gentle. I LOVE IT
  12. thanks chuck! (i'm saying that in a charlie brown kind of way because that chucky psycho doll thing is just too frightening). so, last night was day 4 and after the eve routine, with the bp, i noticed serious flakyness on the sides of my nose. otherwise i haven't really noticed any side effects. the main effect is the desired one of having CLEARED UP SKIN! this regimin is ROCKING for me! day 5: still have those fading red spots but NO new ZITS AT ALL. blackheads that have embedded thems
  13. hey chucky, i'm just starting on botchlas regimine too. do you mind if i post my log here in your thread instead of starting a whole new one...since they're related? Day 2: 4 red spots from old zit 2 small pimples Day 3: 4 fading red spots small pimples gone
  14. i agree! baking soda is gentle on the skin, a nice soft scrub with water...less drying with cetaphil and great for blackheads! This WORKS!
  15. Wow! thanks for posting your pictures and sharing your story. I'm new to the site and just at my second week of trying the regimin. My face is clearing too and I want it to be instant...and it's not. So, reading other peoples stories...and seeing the difference helps me remember to stick with it. thanks