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  1. Day 81 and my face is clear! I cannot believe it finally happened! I still have some darker red spots from old breakouts so I did scar a bit. I'm really hoping those will fade over the rest of the treatment. I have one little teeny divot above my eyebrow where I picked but I'm the only one that can notice it. My derm said my total dose is 8523 mg and I've taken 3960mg so far, I'm almost half way done!
  2. Day 57. From my cheeks up everything is clear, my chest is completely clear again too. I feel like my breakouts are just moving down my face until they disappear. Right now it's mostly my jaw lie that's broken out and under my jaw so I'll take that over my whole face being covered. I've noticed around 11 am I'll start to feel really dry and tight in my face and my facial mist isn't helping much at all. Tapping aquaphor over it does and I look a bit shiny then but it works. The only bad side effe
  3. I started out on Absorica 30mg too. I was really worried about having another IB when my derm doubled my dosage to 60mg but it's been 19 days since I was upped and I haven't had one. I still have little breakouts but from my nose up my face is clear. The only side effect that increased was I can go 3 days without washing my hair instead of 2 and the skin on my arms is a bit drier. And while I wouldn't say I'm still oily, my skin isn't flaking off either-it's pretty normal actually, maybe a littl
  4. So It's Day 49 and I feel like I've just stopped progressing. The lower part of my face is still getting little breakouts and there are old breakouts that feel like they're refusing to heal. I have two deep spots on my chest now that hurt a bit to the touch and while my back was mostly clear last week, it's breaking out again this week. I know it's only a month and a half into my treatment but I guess I had started thinking it was all up hill after the initial breakout
  5. Side effects seem to be just like they were on 30 mg so I'm super happy about that. The bottom half is finally healing I think pores are smaller there too, mine used to always be clogged no many how many masks, pore strips, etc I'd use. Even when I could get some to go away they'd be clogged again then next day but they were never black it was always like a white blackhead, so weird. Some are still clogged now but not nearly as bad as they were.
  6. Day 36 and the top part of my face is clear like nose up-no pimples wahoo! Below that is kinda yuck but I'll take what I can get. I'm thinking the lower part of my face breakout out is a mix between the doubling of dosage and my period just stopping. So hopefully next week things will be even better! And I noticed something so weird today-my chest used to break out as well and right now it's SO smooth and super soft! If my face feels like this at the end I'm going to touch it way too much and
  7. Thanks! That chin area sucks so bad-after BC my jaw and upper neck started breaking out, I was hoping the IUD would help with it but it didn't since the hormones are localized. I still prefer it over pills though any day When do you start taking yours? The waiting was the worst part, I couldn't wait to get started! Nice to hear about the IUD. Does it make your periods heavier in any way? I heard that from some women but that sounds like basically the only down side to it. I have an appoin
  8. My initial break out has been about 2 weeks total I think it's going away now though. Some of my clogged pores turned into whiteheads and some never did and took a few days to go away. The whiteheads I picked at did dry out and took much longer to go away.
  9. So at the end of month 1 today (YESSSS 5 MORE TO GO!!) ehem excuse me. I think I have a pretty good routine worked out and it just got worked out like last week so knowing me it might change again-le sigh. Morning I do not wash my face or shower in the morning. I was just so dried out by this and didn’t like it. So I use one of two moisturizers: Embryolisse lait-crème concentré, which sinks in beautifully and my make-up goes on top of it perfectly. Bio Jouvance Rejuvenating Night Cream mature
  10. Thanks! That chin area sucks so bad-after BC my jaw and upper neck started breaking out, I was hoping the IUD would help with it but it didn't since the hormones are localized. I still prefer it over pills though any day When do you start taking yours? The waiting was the worst part, I couldn't wait to get started!
  11. So a bit of background: Ashley, Female, 24. I've always had really oily skin so this dry skin thing is kind of amazing. My makeup stays in place..without a primer..without setting spray/powder...no idea this could happen! I've been seeing my derm group for over 5 years. I switched doctors last year when after being on the same med's for 3 years my doctor told me it was my skin not the meds...He was a butt. Doctor number 2 put me on a new med that worked pretty well. I still had acne but I di
  12. Month 1 will be done Thursday for me and I'm just hoping my initial break out has already come. I'm pretty scared about Month 2 because I'm going from 30mg to 60mg. I'm just hoping my lips don't revolt again. As far as the dr. dans I find it really sticky. It didn't heal the way I expected it to when mine got bad. For prevention I like it well enough but I'm using Chapstick 8 hour moisture now. When I layered it, like hydrocortisone, dr dan's, then the neosporin lip repair I started to heal. But
  13. So I called my derm about my lip issues and she said to go buy hydrocortisone and that should help. I started getting these little bumps on my lip line and told her about those as well and since my next appointment is the 28th she said to stick to the HC and aquaphor for now and if I needed a prescription later she'd write one. Besides that I have switched to oil cleansing over cetaphil. It just was not getting my make up off. But oh my-lanta the oil I ordered was Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing O
  14. I'm on Day 18 and so far all my pores have done is either produced pimples or started pushing blackheads out. I'm on 30mg a day though so I'm not sure if your's will progress the same way. Moisturizer wise at night I usually use the cetaphil cleanser which works okay, not the greatest at removing make up. To moisturize I usually use a mix of some type of oil (jojoba and maracuja are my favorites) and CeraVe moisturizing cream. So far it's working pretty well. I'm thinking about switching from
  15. Everything was good until now-okay well like 4 days ago. I’ve always had oily skin so I got all excited about dry skin and my makeup staying on my face for once. But alas-I prepared. I asked my derm, I researched though so many blogs on here and found your favorite products. I got the biggest tub of aquaphor, a medium sized tube, and two small tubes-because Accutane is the bible ya’ll swear on in acne court. I got a huge tub of ceraVe cream and cetaphil face wash because my derm said they wer