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  1. stick with bp. after changing to bp, my pimples are gone.^^
  2. hi there, i just started on my personal regimen [by my derma] which is quite like dan's. a facial wash, benzoyl peroxide and a mosituriser. do try dan's regimen as im sure it will work out well for you. believe me, i was so down in the dumps that when anyone so much glanced at me, i thought they were disgusted with my face even though my condition was considered light. i was so ashamed of myself, didnt want to go out and seriously embarassed of my face with pimples,scars,pores and whatever. now
  3. hi, i had those while applying the benzoyl peroxide, for the past last week, i had those on the chin, thought it was oil plugs, all have dropped on its own either i was washing my face or applying moisturiser. now, all gone without anything left.^^