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  1. So i have heard a lot about Paula's Choice 2% BHA liquid/gel/lotion. For some it's been an absolute miracle product that finally cleared their skin, and others feel like it's either been not effective or even break them out more. And that's scary to me. Which is why I've come here for help! I have mostly just clogged pores that result in a loooot of closed comedones (skin colored bumps) all over my cheeks, forehead, and chin. Recently some of them have turned into angry red pimples (which i ta
  2. Oh geez, now I'm not so sure if I want to start... I'm only interested in the OCM as a way to effectively break down my makeup and get it all off BEFORE I wash my face with Neutrogena 2% SA face wash and follow up with moisturizer. I was going to take just jojoba oil and maybe mix in some Vitamin E oil. I don't want to use any of the other oils, especially EVOO, because I know they'll break me out. I don't have horrendous acne, but I have quite a bit of clogged pores that have left me with s
  3. I had purchased a cleansing oil from the store by Garnier, but I returned it because it had about 3 comedogenic ingredients. So now I'm considering just making my own cleansing oil, but I'm not sure what oils to use. I know for sure that I'd include castor oil and jojoba oil, but is that enough? And what's the recommended ratio? I have clogged pores everywhere and it results in little whitehead type bumps that aren't nice. Will this be helpful for that kind of skin concern? Also, I've heard
  4. Thanks, I think you're right and I'll definitely try that!
  5. That's where I'm at, pinkberry. just nasty redness no matter what I do and I've been on it for almost 4 weeks now. Am i just being impatient or is my skin not adjusting?
  6. Yes, unlovely2011, I agree my face needs a break. However, I'm worried that using the retinoid only 3 or so times a week will significantly slow any incoming results down. my biggest problem is with redness and uneven skin tone. I noticed when i stopped using the retinoid for 3 days my skin color balanced out to normal, in effect taking the spotlight off of my skin troubles. But ever since i started up again (a week ago) my skin is back to being red and blotchy and terrible looking. It makes
  7. Thank you so much for the long and detailed answer! I didn't use Tretinoin for 3 days while I was on vacation with my best friend and her family, and my peeling went away. I started using it as soon as I got back and I now put on a thin layer of moisturizer before the Tretinoin, and I wait 20 minutes for it to absorb. This has helped significantly. I know I'm not going to be seeing clear results for a while, as this is only the beginning of my third week (and remember I skipped 3 days) but
  8. So I am super desperate at this point and I'll take any help/advice I can get. Here's a little background info: I never had terrible acne in my early teens. My cheeks and most of my face was clear except for my forehead, which had lots of skin colored bumps (which I later discovered were closed comedones). It wasn't until the end of last summer that it got really terrible. I was 17 and spontaneously I broke out all over my cheeks and chin in the same kind of closed comedones that were on my