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  1. Last night I had a pimple on my chest and I didn't think any thing of it and I popped it, and then tonight I'm laying in bed, roll over and feel an incredible pain on my chest so I got up and checked myself out in the mirror and I've got a much bigger pimple/cyst feeling object (like a raisin) right under my nipple. Being the idiot that I am, I squeezed this one and the white puss literaly hit my mirror 2 and a half feet away. I realy thought I was getting better as far as my acne goes, and th
  2. sp3cial_pip3s

    Life's a garden....dig it

    me, what more can I say
  3. heh, yea thanks...I realy thought I was doing well, my red marks were clearing up and I didn't have a single break out all summer...now I've got 3 realy bad ones on my jaw line.
  4. personally I'd rather have acne over being addicted to meth or coke or any other drug like that... the first thought that popped up in my head though was that maybe those drugs are so bad for you that they actually kill any bacteria that could cause acne.
  5. yea, I was on the message board under a diff. name but I forgot my logon and password lol, but yea I was using SA all summer long and it was awesome, I was clear for 3, almost 4 months then I move back to college to finish up my senior year and within 3 weeks of being here I'm breaking out again, I'll have to post pic's for you guys, it sucks man, it realy does, I thought I had it beat, I was using the SA every other day, and now I can't shave without cutting a blackhead open.