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  1. WOW! Reilly your skin looks fantastic! Those pictures have also got to be the best skin improvement pictures I seen yet on the internet! Thank you for posting your pictures! Congratulations to you! BTW...where do I sign up for this treatment!
  2. Those pictures are great Tracy! Okay, you have given me new hope. I have been using a lower percent TCA to help get rid of the brown patch and it is slowly working. I'm trying to remember what your response was as to why I had the patch. Between my computer getting the blue screen of death everytime I tried to respond and now I can't find the post. Something about being close to the smile crease and ???
  3. For certain there are worse problems to worry about then our skin. I often think about a woman in my neighborhood who I was told use to be a model. Her husband had shot her in the face in a violent rage. She lived, but no surgery was able to correct the hole that looks to be the size of a golf ball in her face. There is always some worse off.
  4. Ok, I just tried taping the aspirin to my forehead and it doesn't work. Plus I taped it too tight!!!
  5. At least you used your forehead! Now my cheek has now turned dark red. Probably will be brown tomorrow just in time for my picture for my security id badge for the fair. (insert emoticon kicking self in butt)
  6. It is 12.5. The frost has vanished now and I just applied neosp., my cheek feels like it has a mask on it.
  7. I applied to my arm yesterday and nutin happened. Today I applied to part of my cheek and it turned instantly white. Oh baby did it sting. Love that fan! I should of did my forehead instead! I got called in to help out at the fair. What would happen if I use make-up to cover up before peeling?
  8. Third time trying to post this: :-s My knees do not have near the pain now compared back before I starting taking the HA. So I believe they have done some good. I think its like vitamins. They start kicking in 3 days after, but when I haven't taken for a long while I start to drag a bit. I'm going to incorporate it in my daily diet along with my Flinestones.
  9. What is buffered??? I have a TCA comparison now. My new one does not have that hint of a bad egg smell to it, but the smell reminds me of a dentist office. I have taken a before pic of my arm after applying my test patch. I was going to do it on my toe, but decided my arm would be better.
  10. I never heard of those. Will have to do a google. I got my HA off of Ebay for around $20 and came from Purity Products. The whites of my eyes were also brighter when I was on it and now are starting to dim in color. I gotta go get me some more!!!!
  11. That kinda sucks. Do you think your body has become dependent on HA?
  12. I have been taking the HA for several months now. I bought 3 bottles and ran out last month. My knees started hurting about three weeks after I ran out. I have a Japanese friend pick up the sticky vegies the HA supposly comes from. I would like to by HA in its purist form!
  13. Take it from one who has bathed in milk (cuz she seen it on tv once), beer has got to better. Hummmm... :-k can beer be mixed with TCA? It would be absorbed into the skin. The worse would be my skin could get drunk?