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  2. this cream still works for me altough few of my pock marks come back when i stop useing it and for the last time not every cream works the same for everyone its worked for me so i thought u guys should give it a shot too so if doesnt RETURN IT dont waste ur money as like me u would be goin thru the cycle of buying 1000 products to try on ur skin. SECOND plz remember SHALLOW POCK MARKS...if its n ot working it either cuz u dont have shallow pock marks or its juss ur badluck. Keep hope thou,
  3. if its burining return it..i dont think this is the right product for u. its not suppose to burn at all...u might be allergic to something in the product or they hydro. in the cream might be too strong for u wow..i don't mean to jump the gun here..but the first thing that crossed my mind when reading this post was how much it sounded like a blatant advertisement. and the fact that the user is a new registed member does sound a lil iffy. hopefully i'm wrong, but that lil alarm in my head i
  4. yea thas what i meant shallow pock marks Im on accutance and ive been on it before it...like before it did nothing for my scars so i doubt thas gonna be a factor. I use glycolic peels 40% once in awhile i had been using this product prior to acnefre this product and that it also very little and similar to that i also do microdemabations (netrogena's product) both of them exfoliate my skin but never enough to get rid of my ice pick marks and i cant do them often as my skin turn red easi
  5. can someone pleeeeaaase answer this. Can u have fraxel laser done if ur on accutane?? and how much does it help with very shallow but yet noticeble ice pick scar
  6. ok i found why that is...heres what i found in an article.... My skin lightener is turning brown. Is it still effective? After detailed correspondence with the cosmetics chemists I work with, they have informed me that while hydroquinone, the active ingredient in my Remarkable Skin Lightening Lotion, (same goes for freeacne) may turn a tan to light brown color once it is opened and exposed to light and/or air, this color change does not affect the ability to fade skin discolorations.
  7. This product seems to have a nice effect on smaller ice picks scars, yes? Then how about large pores? Also, does this work better with lighter skinned individuals, or does being a little darker make any diffrence? THe color of the skin does not effect the strenght of the cream. ive read in the articles the hydroquinone which is used in this cream may darken some tanned skin ppl but i doubt thas gonna happen since it uses only 2%... the article was probably talking about the presciption hydroqu
  8. dont worry this is what i found on the website..since acne products has ive learned for my past experience dont always work for everyone money back garantee always help... heres what it said Does AcneFree have a money back guarantee? Guarantee: If you find that you are unhappy with any purchase that is made through University Medical Products, for any reason, you may return all bottles to us within 30 days of your purchase, for a refund. We will refund your credit card for the amount of th
  9. im naturally tan skinned... if anyone bought this plz let me knw if ur cream was brownish or the normal white
  10. Hmmm I am almost at a year of using it every day. I do remember it faded out my red really fast but the indents took most of a 5 month course of accutane to really improve significantly. I really like the stuff and am glad I used it. Funny this is like the ONLY acne scar treatment on the market and few people on here have ever seriously used it. Also lots of people use hydroquinone, copper peptides, and a number of other things alone to fight acne scars, when this is a combination of them
  11. yea same here....2% is not high enough to cause all these side effects. Ive been using it for a week now. I stopped recently because ive been in the sun alot and because of this my skin darkened more thn usuall.. so ill take 2-3 days off
  12. ok guys i finally got the pictures again...i dont have the bofore picture but i found something really close to it. Before(it was very simmilar to this] [attachmentid=5956] After: iam wearing foundation in this, it covers up the red marks [attachmentid=5957] Closer [attachmentid=5958]
  13. " Question: is this like a temporary thing or does it really fill in the icepicks? If so I dont understand how hydroquinone could do that, do you? " ANSWER: the hydroquinone as the box claims is suppose to work with red marks but ive read that alot articles that say it meant more for the perment marks. So if u had acne for along time and some marks juss wont go away on their own this would work since it ligtens (bleaches) ur skin. And as for the ice pick scars it uses oxygen-peptid
  14. Mine were a little worse thn the "better picture" ...its almost gone now. The box claims that the results can take from the very next day to up to 2weeks. i was one of the lucky ones as i saw results the very next day :D probably cuz i wasnt expecting anything since ive used million products. But give it a shot for 2 weeks if u really see nothing it has a gurantee on it and juss reutrn it and as for how much of the improvment...its not completly gone but u can only notice it if u come reall
  15. u guys are gettin me wrong....those are NOT my before and after. The first picture is the kind of scars something the cream would improve..it the kind of sccars i had (a little worse thn that picture) . The second picture is the kind of scars you are better of using surgery, i mean u could try the cream it may improve it a little but it would never clear it up yes i have the link.. u can order it at http://www.acnefree.com/node/39 it has money back guarantee so u if dont like it return it