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  1. Does over moisturizing cause milia, small break outs, or inflamed hair follicles? Does over moisturizing prevent milia from getting any better? (i use an exfoliating sulfur wash)
  2. Anyone have any experience with benzaclin and red marks?
  3. Hi right now im taking Benzaclin / sodium sulfacetamide and sulfur / and dynacin. My skin has improved alot and the redness has gone down just a bit (i think cause there is not so much active acne) Do redmarks start fading once off the medicine quicker? does these medicines make red mars more apperant?
  4. I have a real quick question, i have had these redspots that are pretty dark and i think its a pimple under the skin that has not come up yet? some are a bit raised but have no actual head of the pimple.. I started using BP on some of the "red marks" and a pimple is forming out of the red mark... So is the bp irritating my skin causing acne (My skin is not dry use 2.5% twice a day with dans moisturizer) Is there an initial breakout peroid with BP, and what can i expect (i also notice my pimpl
  5. Hi ive been using head and shoulders for sometime now, and within the last month i have gotten 2 rashes. One on my chest and one on my arm. (i use head and shoulders as a full body wash) The rash is red/itchy its a bit elevated and feels very dry. Should i cut down on using the Head and shoulders. Right now i use it twice a day and i go through a bottle within 2 weeks? if so what should i switch to
  6. Ive been using aloe vera gel/cetpahil lotion for a while and i had to stop the cetaphil becasue it broke me out. Does anyone know of a good moisturizer that will not break me out, i have sensitive skin. (if it helps im using bp/head and shoulders)
  7. Im a little confused on the order i put makeup on? i have a concealer / foundation / bronzer / and my moisturizer what order should i put them in ?
  8. Hi i was wondering if anyone knew of any tinted moisturizer that does not cause breakouts / irritate the skin?
  9. Hi i have really really pale skin. So my acne stands out alot and looks really bad, i was wondering if limited sun exposure would help me? -The only thing i use for my skin is nutrogena lotion with AHA / aloe vera / and H&S to wash I know the sun is bad for acne. But what im thinking is about 5-10 Minutes a day out in the sun The acne is on my chest/back so this will be the only sun exposure it will get a day becasue i never take off my shirt. Any advice? what im hoping for is to get my
  10. Hi, ive just recently started breaking out again becasue of exercising and i was wondering if going back on bp is worth it? ive heard Bp casues red marks to stay longer and i dont want that... should i leave my skin alone and just moisturize/wash or buy bp? (also should i try salacylic acid?) i was thinkin about trrying glycolic acid to help my problem (im more red marks then active acne atm) Not glycolic acid peels but like an 8% cream or moisturizer Anyone have any thoughts?
  11. Purity


    What kind of toner should i use, i wash my skin with head and shoulders then put on either cetaphil lotion or aloe vera (one at night, one in morning) i know acv is good, but i think i let it settle the last time i used it and i got all the acv and not the mix *so it burnt my skin really bad* i want something that doesn't smell casue after i take a shower i usually go out and acv really stinks (i want something that wont clog pores/irritate skin)
  12. Im relatively clear now (just red marks), but on occasion i get a few pimples here and there. What could i spot treat these with? I really dont want to use BP becasue i heard it casues red marks to stay longer, so im thinking of using a Salicylic Acid product to spot treat. I dont want to break out again and i dont want my skin to be irritated and look all red. Anyone have any advice? im also thinkin about using bio oil for the scars, will this make me break out?
  13. Thanks guys, im gonna go check out the stores today
  14. I was wondering what kind of make up i can buy that would help cover up some of my redmarks that WONT make me break out (Clog pores / over dry / irritate) Any help would be much appreciated thanks in advance
  15. So i bought ACV today, i was wondering how long it was going to take for the red marks begin to fade (and how many times a day should i do it) I was also wondering with lemon juice, do u guys use store bought lemon juice out of a bottle, or do u get the juice from real lemons?