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  1. I worked at a cosmetics counter for almost two years and learned quite a bit about aging skin..a persons skin is like an elastic band that keeps getting stretched again and again over x amount of time..so eventually this elastic band will not go back to its original form and become stretched out. And as many skin care commercials we see on tv about how creams will fix the problem, ultimately it can only do so much. Your skin stretches in its bottom layer (your dermis) not your epidermis which is
  2. John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy, Bessie Smith, Joe Cocker, Janis Joplin, Hendrix, Zeppelin(try their first album), the Moody Blues, and Ray Charles are a few of my favourites.. If you want to listen to some great blues/distortion rock from a living band you should give the Black Keys a try, they have a really great sound..have fun
  3. Does anyone remember that show "The Swan"?? That show was rank, it made those women look like barbies..I remember one episode where the woman's son was terrified and started screaming because he didn't recognize his own mother..
  4. Anyone who does or doesn't believe in the secret and the power of your mind should really watch that movie I mentioned earlier called "what the bleep;down the rabbit hole". This movie IS based on quantum physics, and the men and women who are interviewed have REAL degrees and know their shit, pardon my french. In a section of this film, a woman is presenting different pictures of the chemical composition of water. One picture she is showing has been blessed by a holy man, and another has been "
  5. I definitely believe it, although I do have a hard time living by it. My boyfriend is obsessed with this movie called "what the bleep- down the rabbit hole" which sort of goes hand in hand with the secret and the power of the mind. The secret is actually all based on quantum physics; if you take the time to learn it, it can really prove to be a powerful tool in showing you what human beings are really capable of. I also think it's bullshit how much money people are making off telling this 'secre
  6. Yeah I definitely agree, the sun provides your body with a ton of vitamin D that supplements and food can give but not as much or as effective. I read it in a book so it must be true
  7. I don't know if anyone else went to Coachella valley music festival in California this summer but I sure did! AND IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! Anyways long story short, before I left I was pretty confident that I was coming home with a faceful of zits, but I made the executive decision that I wouldn't care because I would be having a blast, so I did my best to forget about my skin and have fun. Well was I ever wrong! The night I came home I felt the hottest I have ever felt in the past 4 years. I coul
  8. Great, thanks for the tip..unfortunately I'm lacking a credit card so that probably won't be an option for a while. Does anyone else wana let me in on any miracle products or at-home procedures that work?
  9. The sides of my nostrils are always really red and full of blackheads at any given time. I've never found anything that worked, I exfoliate 3X a week and use moisturizer and try to conceal it with a little bit of foundation, but then at school when I'm bored I look down at my nose and it looks nasty! Does anyone else have this problem and is there a solution (and don't say proactiv solution, haha)
  10. this pole is super weird, over 60% say their left side is their better side.. I wonder if theres some connection there
  11. I couldn't give two sh*ts if other people have acne, but when it's myself I'm mortified. It's all a matter of who you are, how you are raised, life experience, etc. My boyfriend has such nice skin but I know the last thing in the world he cares about is what mine looks like. On the other hand this girl I work with in the mall makes a note of all the girls with acne that she sees, and gives me gross looks when they come in to our store. She does not relate to it, has never had to deal with it, so
  12. No outside food & beverages are allowed. Coachella FAQs I've never been, but it says they offer vegan & vegetarian food, so they may have fruit/veggies & other healthy food for sale. There are oil free, non-comedogenic suncreens out there too. I'm going Friday only & I live in Cali, so one day of sweat & sunscreen is no issue for me. If anyone is going Friday you must catch THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN, cuz they are 100 billion times more awesome than whoever else you are actual
  13. K this summer my best friend, boyfriend and I are going to the Coachella valley music festival in California this April. I am sooo stoked that I'm going and I know it's going to be a blast with outrageous bands playing like the chili peppers, black keys, and RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE! But at the same time I'm not looking forward to how my skin will react. It's a 27 hour drive from where we are and thats a lot of driving without washing my face and sitting immobile in a sweaty vehicle. We are camp