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  1. Comparing one's self to handicapped or homeless people because one has acne is comparing apples to oranges. Acne takes a person who could otherwise feel socially wonderful and destroys his or her confidence and outgoingness. Being handicapped or homeless does not automatically affect that at all. Acne takes a person who is full of potential and otherwise WOULD go out and improve the world and makes him or her feel limited; a homeless person has already made bad decisions, and usually is on th
  2. I find that sugary foods make me break out very much... I used to think it was oily foods, and once, after having an oily soup, I destroyed my face because I thought there was like phantom acne or something... couldn't leave the house for days... but now I can have moderately oily stuff, and as long as I don't pick out of control, it doesn't affect me that much. However, sugary foods (and drinks) definitely affect the skin. Especially chocolate. Every time I have it, I'm guaranteed to break o
  3. Hi guys... I agree with all of you--I've been "helped" by people as well and there's nothing more hurtful or embarrassing or totally off-pissing. Some of the suggestions I've received: - you know, if you break a fresh egg every morning, then remove the yolk, then wipe the white of the egg all over your face, it will make your skin as white as the egg. - don't eat any sugar or animal fats--that's EXACTLY what's causing it - put this super-duper moisturizer on your face. Then, when your ski
  4. lol I'm glad you enjoyed the post, acne_sux. Too much experience behind it, unfortunately... actually, too many missed experiences. But hopefully that's in the past... and I'm a girl, by the way ...has the strategy you recommended worked for you?
  5. Hi, I think I must have this warped grooming gene or whatever it is... checking every pore is almost an addiction for me, and, like others I've read about in here, I'll spend an hour or more in front of the mirror, and it never makes me skin better, just worse. A few strategies that I employ, together, to help me stop this: 1. Smudge the mirror. Use soap and rub it all over the place where you usually look in it. Make sure you've made it so that you have to be in a very uncomfortable positi
  6. I'm a 19-year-old female in Ontario, Canada. I've cleared my skin successfully using Solugel 8 (take a look at my message on it under Prescription Acne Treatments), but when I want to cover the scars until they gradually fade, I use Marcelle Oil Free Matte Finish Make-Up. It doesn't cause zits, and it blends in well with my skin colour (I use the colour Moka). The only drawback is that it's in a rather inconvenient container, but oh well. This stuff is hypo-allergenic, and available at Shopp
  7. I've visited this site before and tried the regimen it recommends, and although I had some success, I found that as I neared the end of the tube of 5% benzoyl peroxide or whatever it is, the lotion would do more harm than good to my skin. After having no success with swallowed pills containing antibiotics (I think my body adapted to them after a week or so), I got a prescription from a dermatologist for Solugel 8. This is 8% benzoyl peroxide, significantly more than the over-the-counter lotion