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  1. I've mainly cut dairy out of my life, I only ever consume tiny amounts of it here and there, but cutting out dairy barely helped in my case, nothing too noticeable changed about my acne after cutting it out. And I was thinking about asking my derm about Accutane, but to me that will be the final plan if nothing else works out for me
  2. I've tried several different brands of BP in the past and none have done anything for me (if anything it just made things worse) so now I just tend to avoid any form of it. But the longest I've ever stuck with it was just over a month, do you guys think that's long enough to notice results, or should I give BP another shot for a longer amount of continuous time? And I've cut dairy out of my diet mostly, but I do consume A LOT of carbs in the day so I'll try to cut back on those too. I'll also se
  3. Hey everyone, so I'm 16 now and I've been struggling with acne for about 3-4 years now and it's constantly been my #1 concern and worry. The thing that impacts me the most is having acne, it impacts everything from my social life to getting good grades in school to competing in sports to having a love life and everything in between. It puts a huge dent in my shaky confidence and always makes me hate myself and feel in a state of constant depression. I always thought that if I could have just one