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  1. hi there.. thanks for your reply .. you said some got worse are they the boxscars or the icepicks? for the ones that get better does it mean they raise to the surface ? but leave something like a redmark (which can easily cover with makeup) thanks
  2. It's been 4 months since my last round of silicone injections (4th) and I am still noticing improvement. FYI, I am 41 so the true benefits take longer for me. Very pleased with the results, on par with Dan's % improvement, 100% for some 85% for the deepest areas. I will get 2 more treatments probably this time from Dr. Alkek for a different perspective and technique. For all those that don't know my story I had severe scarring which caused social isolation and anxiety. Now I don't even not
  3. TCA Cross almost eliminated my small ice-pick scars, which were no larger than scarred pores. It did widen some boxcar scars because I used the same toothpick and the tip became saturated and expanded. Be careful!
  4. When one has had cystic acne, as I have, how can you tell if the scar/depression was caused by the cortisone shot, or if the cystic acne by itself would have caused the residual depression? I never had cortisone shots and still had depressed scarring. Nonetheless, this sounds like a promising option.
  5. Sorry, seems you are not a candidate for this form of treatment. If after the first 2-3 rounds you did not notice any improvement, why did you go back to the same physician?
  6. Just a quick update. It's been two months since my fourth 'touch-up' round and I continue to notice improvement in remaining scar areas. Just a reminder to remain patient when using silicone micro-droplet approach to treating acne scars. I plan on having one more 'touch-up' round in the fall or following spring, primarily as an excuse to visit New York City again. I figure since I'm there.... To all my friends on this message board, try your best to not let acne or scars get in the way of e
  7. TOOL, Tori Amos, Radiohead, Blind Melon, Silversun Pickups, Brand New, RUSH, Redhot 'peppers, Vivaldi...
  8. I too am interested in a treatment for hypopigmentation. After 4 rounds of silicone injections my scars are almost smooth, but now I'm left with about 8 'white' areas where I treated box car scars with TCA Cross. I think time also has played a role in the 'whitening' of old scar tissue. I am tempted to try permanent make-up tatooing on a couple of them. There is a cosmetic surgeon in my area that offers a digital permanent make-up procedure whom I will call. The device is advertised by his