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  1. God I know me too I am SO SICK of being stuck in a B that I wear those push ups just to TRY To make myself feel a little better about it. It helps a little but I feel like I am cheating whomever I am dating...teehhee.
  2. I dont like the smell of ACV! I was using it as a toner for a couple of weeks but I just couldnt continue it because of the smell and it also put this digusting color on my papertowels yuckerz
  3. Hey Mandy, As u've prolly read in 1 ov my posts sumwhere...my liver is pretty screwed up atm..due 2 the roaccutane and possibly coz i got realli smashed one nite but yea.. But yea in my situation my doc told me 2 cut out all red meat, go easy on the green tea(coz i was havin more than 3 glasses a day lol) and yea i went 2 a Natropath and she gave me 2 diff types of tablets that ive jus recently finished(forgot wot they were called) but yea they help fix the liver or sumfin n yea they had milk
  4. My folks were pretty supportive when i decided 2 go on roaccutane but now that im off it and my liver is screwed they r constantly refering bak to the drug and blamming it ect ect blabla lol..im pretty fine wit it tho coz its the risk i took plus i drank sum booze whilst on it so that wasnt the smartest thing to do now was it =/ But yea now wen i complain of my bad skin problems they get a bit on the narky side coz they dont kno wot else 2 do...quite understandable if u ask me, but yet still go
  5. OMFG!!!! TASH UR A FRICKIN LEGEND!!! I used the ACV 2nite and holy cow...my hair feels and looks fkin fantastic....such an improvment thank u soooo much!!
  6. Ive found the best place to get the right fitting jeans for my body shape is actually Kmart...lol I shop at JayJays for everything else they hav the wickedest stuff eva
  7. soory its another hair thread I'm jus interested... So??..
  8. I hear yaz Im startin 2 get new zits now after bein pretty much completly clear after my course of accutane. it realli is the worst feelin eva aye..