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  1. Hi david1017! Seems were are in the same boat still. I have been waking up with a few nodules that never become white heads. Since I don't pick them they seem to just sit on my face for like 2 weeks just chilling out like they have nothing better to do. I am hoping that when I go from 30mg to 60mg that they will heal up much faster and I won't have anymore cysts/nodules anymore and I can just focus on the drying effects. Keep your head up with the hyperpigmentation/scarring. I am havi
  2. Lore91 - Thank you so much for your kind words! It really means a lot while I'm super down and feeling defeated with acne and scarring - and it's not just hyperpigmentation. That I'm cool with because that will fade over time. I've gotten some mild divot scars on my upper left cheek that kinda freaked me out a bit and I'm doing everything possible to not get more. I need to just remember to breath and remind myself that nobody's perfect and let the medicine do its thing. I can always look i
  3. Hi ToTheMoonAndBack, Looking at your Accutane log your skin is VERY similar to mine. Does the doc only think subcision will work and not any other treatments? Is there any possible complications to subcision that he told you about? Right now I am on Day 15 of Absorica and I am feeling pretty down right now about my blemishes. I am also super paranoid about scarring but I just need to stay positive and after my accutane treatment I can always make the scarring better with treatments. I
  4. Day 15 Face Status The storm is definitely here. I was so focused on the two cysts on the left side of my face that I didn't notice this whitehead on the upper right cheek next to two small postules. I don't know how much more of this I can take emotionally. I'm all over the place. One day I'm fine and can handle it and other days I just feel hopeless in this. My skin is STILL oily as ever - maybe due to the fact that my doc wanted to give me a low dose my first month? Anyway, I saw that
  5. Day 13 Face Status The storm is coming or hopefully here and will be gone soon. I woke up today with two deep painful cysts on the left side of my face. One on my upper cheek, close to where I'm insecure about scars I already have. I'm hoping this doesn't do any long term scarring. My other one is on my left temple which is weird because I never get pimples there. I realize that a lot of other accutane users get that same side effect during an IB. I really hope my IB isn't too bad and th
  6. I'm so sorry about your dog. Our pets are our kids so I really sympathize with you. Just know that you gave him/her a great life and they wouldn't want you to mourn for them but to be happy and remember the good times you had with them. May I ask about the pro fractional laser treatment you got? Was the discoloration bad pre-accutane? Is that a normal side effect? The reason I am asking is because after my accutane treatment I do have some minor acne scaring I do want to treat. I am rese
  7. Day 11 Face Status The pimples that I was nervous about are drying up. Mostly because I'm thinking that I stopped using hydrating cleansers and used a salicylic face wash for the last few days. Since my skin hasn't gotten completely dry yet and I still get oily throughout the day, I am very careful to feel out my skin before putting acne face wash on until I start naturally feeling drying. I think this has helped me not break out initially until the dryness really starts to kick in. The pi
  8. Hi David 1017. Thanks for the reply on my log! I know lots of people on many different doses but usually it's not once a day but twice a day. I will move up next month so I'm not too worried. It's always nice to find someone who is going through this whole process around the same time as you. I will follow you on your journey. Feel free to message me if you want to ask or comment on anything.
  9. I can definitely relate to feeling like you need to look your best based on solely what people expect you to look like. Before my acne got bad, I always got complimented on my appearance and not other aspects like my personality or intelligence. I felt like if I didn't have my appearance then what would be so great about me? I know this is a stupid way of thinking but it's hard not to think that way when that's all people validated to me about. I would be flabbergasted if someone said, "Wow,
  10. Thanks Av0cad0 and daredevil for confirming that the dosage amount of 30mg isn't abnormal. I think I'm just being impatient and want things to work right away. I know it's not an on and off switch and I need to remind myself to be patient when I'm feeling frustrated. Day 7 Face Status More pimples are starting to show their ugly faces on my bottom left chin. I also feel a lot of little bumps around the new pimples. I'm nervous. I feel like the pimples I got 4-5 days ago are just sittin
  11. I agree with what Yukinoshita is saying about being confident when you see your family. Even when you are freaking out inside, being brave and act like everything is normal is the best way to be. I feel like if they say something about it I would probably be the better person and say, "Thanks for pointing out my faults but I would rather talk about something more important than superficial things that I can't control." He probably wouldn't know what to say and he wouldn't mention it again.
  12. Day 6 I feel like the only thing distracting me from my breakouts and oily skin is my job. Work has been going great lately and I hope that lasts because it really helps to not dwell on the negative things in life and to focus on the positive. Face Status Same as yesterday. I think the big whitehead that accidentally came off is healing up. I put Neosporin on it right when it happened and put some more on when I went to sleep. I did wake up feeling like a had a layer of dry skin on my face
  13. Man, this sounds exactly like what I'm going through. You seriously are improving. The next time you feel bad about the way you look and you don't want to go out - know that if your friends have an issue with appearances, they are not your true friends and aren't worth your time. You seem like a cool person and they shouldn't care whether you have acne or not. And don't worry about strangers because they're strangers and you probably won't see them again anyways. Now if I only took my own
  14. I've been ready for this for awhile now. This is a way to track my progress, but more importantly, to help others who are thinking about taking Accutane or to connect with a fellow acne sufferer. I'm tired of feeling like I need to cover my inflamed cheeks with my hair. I'm tired of looking at myself in the mirror with hard downlighting that shows all my bumps and divits. I love hibernating in the dark because I feel more comfortable that people can't see my skin. Understanding and encou