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  1. nah its fine so many acne topical things have a load of alcohol anyway it works
  2. uptheanty

    Good things in life!!!

    KFC! Obsessed Having no other health problems, i imagine being in a wheelchair would be worse than acne being Safe, and having support around
  3. I think there is a lot of prejudice there, when it comes to selecting people for jobs, and they judge alot more than your skills, and unfortnatley they judge appearance, I found whenever I went for a service type job where you would be around people, I would never get the job, and I rekon acne was why it sux , I know, maybe just wear alot of makeup to the interviews just to get pass there ignorance
  4. im from the perth hills! and perth is okay , my tshirt says so
  5. uptheanty

    Pimples on lips?? Accutane?

    acne on the lips, is the MOST PAINFUL ones in my opinion, tho i dont get them on there often, there usually have on the skin half on the lip i agree with above, you look like michelle rod!
  6. uptheanty

    Love Songs

    i love "somewhere only we know" by keane its gr8
  7. uptheanty

    Biore Pore Strips

    hehe i went looking for some of those strips a the supermarket the other day and i couldnt find them, i spent like 5 minutes looking a tthe shelf but i dodnt want to ask:P I havent tried them yet either but i ve heard there really good for blackheads on your nose, if you have any acne around that area or its a acne prone area probably best not to use them as its bound to irritate the skin
  8. when im around alot of blind people
  9. uptheanty


    all ive eaten today is Doritos(how i love them) and Vanilla Coke(loves it even more) the perfect diet
  10. woah five years! was so sad, RIP all that perished 5 years ago i didnt even have acne! wow hehe
  11. GIRLS - Petite, Proportioned, Pretty GUYS - Tall, Broad Shoulders, Jawline and EYES! for both
  12. yea is true, things can always be a lot worse, i mean you have a good job and a good place to live thats pretty cool
  13. i hate looking in the mirror at hairdressers too, is like so awkward, i like it when they cut it fast I got my first haircut in about 8months, and i kept putting it off cos i had pimples around my ear and scalp, so when there cutting theyd prob be freaked out, is true your pimples will stand out more, but you will have less ones on your forehead