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  1. These are acne scars which wil heal overtime, you just need the right medications and topical to make thew healing process even faster. But if you want a natural treatment then you might use natural aloevera gel and apply it all over your face will help you a lot, and remember to have patience as it's not gonna happen overnight. It requires time. Goodluck!
  2. Hey Dana I'm a 19 yrs old m I am on accutane the 2nd time earlier I took it for around a month and got cleared so I left taking it but the acne started to show up so I decided to take it back again. Right now I'm taking a 30mg dosage daily from 10 days. I wanted to know if I take I daily or in a day gap like taken on Monday but not on Tuesday then taken on Wednesday but not on Thursday and so on. Also I weigh around 132 lbs or 60kg so how long should I continue on it? Thanks
  3. I am 19 yes old male weigh around 60 kg (132 lbs). I am on accutane 30mg per day dosage. My question is weather to take it daily or in gaps, i mean I took it on Monday but not on Tuesday then taken on Wednesday but not on Thursday and so on. Part 2 : How long do I need to take the same? Thanks
  4. I am 19 male weigh around 132 pounds, im on accutane 30mg/day. I take 10mg after the lunch in the afternoon and 20mg after the night dinner. I wanted to know if i have to take the pill daily or in gaps like taken on monday but not tuesday then taken on Wednesday but not Thursday and so on. And how long should i take it for according to my dosage and weight. Thanks