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  1. hey everyone, I have some good news. When I first signed onto this site, I was very depressed and felt worthless. The funny thing is I've never in my life felt so down about my acne. I've had it pretty bad, but I never let it affect me so much. The good news is: I've been continuing my meds: mino, benzamycine and I take a teaspoon of cod liver oil everyday. Along with a sensible diet and frequent exercise, my face is looking pretty good. I still have these stupid scars, and I still ge
  2. Hey I just wanted to thank you all for your support. For Dan, I have used about every over the counter medication there is. Then I was put on this rare medication that my mother got, which really helped...the problem is, they don't make it anymore (I think it was a sulfur agent or something). I was on benzamycine, steivamycine, minocycline, birth control...and there are probably more meds, I just can't remember. Right now, I am still on minocycline and benzamycine. I am hoping my mother agr
  3. hottie: I don't think you understand...up until the last week of my terrible diet, this is my typical day: Breakfast...Oatmeal, apple or banana, 500ml of water Lunch...vegetable salad, with kidney beans or chick peas, and a small pasta salad 500ml of water Dinner...very large vegetable salad with kidney beans, lentils (something with protein), small serving of dumpling soup with a massive incorporation of sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli, lentils etc. 500ml of water Snack...a vegetable (on
  4. Hi my name is explode, I am 17, I have acne, and its ruining my life. Hottie, I will try your zinc method. I am a vegetarian, so I am not sure if I am lacking zinc or something. Nevertheless, I shouldn't be too happy with myself, as I just contributed to more scars on my face by picking at my acne...I couldn't stop
  5. hottie thanks, but my pimple aren't like yours. you probably have "good" acne, the one that isn't activated from putting your hand on your face or something. mine is just to damn sickening to look at
  6. hello...my acne scars are horrible. Please tell me (if u've had experience) if chem peels scar brown skin...
  7. MY FACE IS DISGUSTINGLY GROSS! I went shopping today, and I was so uncomfortable. People stare at me a lot, and they don't realize that it hurts. I read hottie's post, and she is so incredibly right...if i didn't have this, my beauty would be enhanced so much more. I feel like a friggin monster. This is the worst Christmas of my life. I didn't go to a family dinner last night because of my acne, I really don't want anyone to see me at all. I don't want to try anymore. Everytime I think o
  8. Thanks for all your replies. I know I gotta put it all behind me. I delayed 4 months of my life because of this shit. Running to the doctor's to refill prescription pills, get creams, and check ups. FUCK EVERY SINGLE PILL AND CREAM I'VE TRIED, NOTHING HELPS AT ALL! That Regimen thing is too weak for my skin, it would not help. I changed my eating habits thinking that would change my acne (man, am I an ass). Then I came home, binged on everything in the kitchen until I could no longer run t
  9. Yesterday was the worst day I ever had with my friends. We were all celebrating the end of school, so we decided to see a movie. Sitting through the previews, this commercial comes on about acne...I wanted to crawl in a hole and die. All of my friends have crystal clear skin. I never discuss acne with any of them. But I know what they were thinking about when the commercial came on. I was so freaking upset. Once again, I know I complain and fuss about my face too much. I'm sorry if I mak
  10. Hey, I know this may sound dumb...but, I am unsure if washing your face with warm or cold water makes a difference?
  11. I do the same thing. I stay in medium to dark light almost all the time. I feel so uncomfortable in bright lights. My mother tries to help...a little too much...she always says, you should stop doing this, stop doing that, she makes me feel as though what I have is my fault. I've been depressed for a long time now, crying alot. I can never really talk face to face with someone about this, even my mother. I feel as though they 're laughing at me and blaming me for my problem.
  12. I feel that everything I've accomplished is a waste. Last week were all my exams, I felt like my days consisted of me standing in front of the mirror, judging myself; instead of studying. I'm an atlete, I love to run alot. As soon as I came home from school, I ran to the kitchen to eat. I ate so much, sweets and chocolate, I am so depressed. My friends kept saying to me (over the phone), that they can't wait to see me. I'm supposed to be going out tomorrow, and I feel like shit, I literal
  13. It seems to get worse every minute. The nasty thing is most of it is on the right side of my face. I felt like giving up today, and stop doing anything about it. When I look at myself, my heart plungs into a deep hole, and I feel sick to my stomach. Christmas is here....I haven't seen my family in 4 months, they may not recognize me at all....because of this crap on my face! I hate it so much! I don't understand how my roommate lives such an unhealthy lifestyle, drinking, smoking, partying,
  14. Ugliness sure doesn't run in my family, but there is an exception when it comes to me. I have acne over my face, back and chest. The acne on my face is scarring me (emotionally and physically). As I pass people on the street I have to keep my eyes on the floor. Acne is making me feel like an outsider, and I just don't know what to do anymore. I've tried everything from BP to prescription meds. I can't take any pills due to another problem I have, and that leaves out accutane! Sometimes, I