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  1. SpaceBlues

    As good as cetaphil

    As good as cetaphil

    Love this stuff. no smell, no irritation, prevents infections , heals and protects and keeps me from drying out during the night while i use my very drying acne gel.
  2. So cheap yet so fancy

    I love this. As soon as i opened it I got a waft of nostalgia in my nostrils from when i was little and tried on my granny's thick face cream that smelled identical to this.. However this has a much better use. Its a cleanser, super makeup/oil remover and moisturiser all in one. And when i finally wash it off with a warm wet towel, it makes my pores look tiny! ...So i guess its a toner too! I've Experienced No breakouts or burning sensation from it either. What can i say, its a good product ðŸ'
  3. SpaceBlues

    Its good

    Its good

    This lotion is great because it wont break you out, has no smell, and is really moisturising. However, the bottle says that it is on the"light" side but the cream is actually quite heavy, almost like an eczema emollient. I can feel it on my skin hours after applying. I have no problem with this i just think that its a bit misleading to call it "light". When i put paper towels on my face after applying this, they will stick to my face (twice!) if i dont do this, ill be a little oily and my hair w
  4. You shouldnt pull them out because then your skin doesnt have enough time to heal and it will leave you with a scar. They could just be open comedones like blackheads (not all blackheads are dark). They tend to be around the t-zone for most people i.e. forehead chin nose and apples of cheeks. Chemical exfoliation is probs your best bet . I use tretinoin and it does work on acne like this although it takes a while but its worth the wait if you dont pick at it. Everything comes out on its own
  5. Use it every other day or mix it with non irritating cream when applying at night. Also moisturise during the day and avoid touching or rubbing your face. The redness/ patchiness is part of the beginning of the process and it will get better once your skin adjusts to the tretinoin regimen. Ive been using the highest strength for 2 yrs now, when i started out i was always a patchy mess now i dont get any patches even if dont apply it evenly. The only way retin a affects my skin negatively now is
  6. Hmm im not sure but i dont really break out anymore no matter what i eat since im almost always on my med. (Tretinoin) Maybe the medication gets rid of any acne flareups before they get to a worse stage or before they become noticable.
  7. Because for most people the acne is hormonal (genetics, age and life stage, sex, health problems such as PCOS) and environmental (stress, weather, improper hygiene/ routine and habits) And although diet may worsen someones acne it doesnt really address the root of the problem. Some people wih food allergy who have acne might associate the two but acne is not an allergy it is a separate issue. Personally I have never noticed a difference in my skin depending on what I ate before i started usi
  8. Do you consume a lot of caffeine? If so, this might worsen your stress levels and make you more nervous and anxious (it does with me) and even though I don't pick anymore it does tempt me more when Im in that alert mode I tend to analyse myself more for some reason and I get an urge to do something to release those quick bursts of energy in one go because the energy isnt the good kind that gradually decreases but instead it pumps you up and then you crash. Another thing that might help is cut
  9. @Zurib19 its understandable if you have a routine or a tested brand/ product which has helped you personally and you want to help others by sharing info about it, but I'm just worried because there are a lot of people online who target just the kind of naïve and emotionally vulnerable people as the ones searching for acne cures on here. They end up spending so much money on something that isnt worth the price (such as the acne.org regimen or skin salvation imho) when they could find better, sim
  10. Amazing for healing skin

    If you put a thin layer of petroleum jelly on a healing wound such as an acne lesion which is scabbing over it will speed up the healing process like crazy! Your scab will fall off much quicker and you are less likely to have hyperpigmentation/ red marks after it has fallen off. It is also great to put on a drained acne lesiom before a scab has allowed to form as the scab often slows down healing process ans the jelly creates a protective film against the atmosphere allowing your skin to heal an
  11. You have body dysmorphia which seems to primarily center around your skin and this is giving you social anxiety. There is nothing wrong with you, I can totally relate to the feelings and behaviours you describe, i was the same in high school for a good few years.. even suicidal at some point. I strongly urge to face up to whatever fears you might be having and try to slowly get yourself back to reality. Don't feel ashamed or sorry about yourself, acne (as well as acne scarring) is a common pr
  12. You can just wear some concealer instead of full blown makeup so you atleast look more natural and arent clogging your pores with product at night time. If anyone notices just say its antibacterial anti acne healing concealer [email protected]%#[email protected]& (think of some health excuse) but honestly i doubt that anyone will care dont worry about it
  13. Beautiful skin requires patience and acceptance

    So ive been using 0.1 tretinoin for just over two years and my skin, my confidence, as well as my relationship with my skin (and myself) has changed so much. Now instead of getting panic attacks near mirrors and obsessively checking my skin, I love staring at my smooth complexion and admiring just how much better it gets every day. This was not the case when i first began my treatment as many of you know the purging stage happens at around the first few weeks/months of daily use and I was stil
  14. You need to get yourself on some strong tretinoin asap baby.
  15. How much did 'skin salvation' pay you to advertize for them on acne.org? Con