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  1. I take it after my breakfast with 4 fish oil capsules and a glass of water with some olive oil.
  2. I have to schedule my appointment. I'll definitely mention it and I think i'll ask her to put me on another low dose Accutane course. I think i'll order Dan's AHA anyway. I think it should help with red marks and overall complexion.
  3. I've finished my Accutane course in May. Now oily skin is back and some spots aswell. Fortunately my skins not way that bad as it was (knocking on wood). There's also some red marks left. I was wondering if Dan's AHA could help to reduce oily skin. Is it a good buy?
  4. I'm thinking about visiting tannning bed before I go to vacation. I finished my Accutane course almost 3 months ago (I was taking mostly 10mg of Accutane, few months more). I have some red marks left on my face. Should I put a towel or something on my face or apply a sunscreen moisturizer on face before going to tanning bed? And I'm definitely not thinking about tanning more than 5 minutes. Just to get a little tan and skin used to sun.
  5. Fluorescent lighting is the worst.
  6. I take my pill with 4 fish oil capsules and some olive oil.
  7. I've been on Accutane since September (mostly 20mg a day). My skin got worse a lot first but then it started to improve. I can say now that I'm totally clear. But there are redmarks... I've been applying vitamin E oil every night for 2 weeks and I think there's slight improvement. Would it be ok to use Diacneal once a week over night (it contains 6% GA)? What do you suggest?
  8. Yup just moisturize a lot and they'll disappear.
  9. I've been on Accutane since September. I'm pleased with the result so far as far as acne is concerned. But red marks... They're driving me crazy. My face looks worse no when all zits are gone... I'm thinking about buying vitamin E oil? Has anyone tried it?
  10. Very nice progress. Congrats! How long did it take for your readmarks to heal after finishing Roaccutane course?
  11. I've been lifting since I started taking Accutane or maybe a little more but I haven't noticed anything unusual. Maybe some back pain when I'm squatting and doing deadlift but that's all. I take just whey and dextrose powder post workout because I don't think creatine would be a good idea when I'm on Accutane.
  12. I've heard that cocoa butter and vit E lotion helps too. You should try it.
  13. Agree. And train hard (6-8 reps to gain mass, if you're beginner maybe you should consider 5x5 program) & get enough sleep (at least 7 hours a night).