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  1. Do you put the persagel all over your face? The bumps might be closed comedones due to the persagel drying out your skin more than your moisturizer can "fix" and some of the dead skin cells getting trapped in the pores of your cheek. Since you're going on the acne.com regimen, I'm not sure what to say, maybe the bumps will go away, maybe not. If you weren't gonna change your routine Id say you could try a gentle chemical exfoliator once or twice a week, not a scrub, some AHA or BHA maybe.
  2. We're not doctor's here and you asked for opinions from people, not another doctor... and "top class education" means nothing, because every person is different. I'm not saying your doctor isn't good, but I personally have received bad advice before and I've been to 4!! dermatologists before the 5th one figured out what was wrong with me. If you do an internet search basically every dermatologist (real ones with "scientific study he has spent years on") unanimously agrees that you have to a
  3. There is a lot that goes into being a healthy vegan. I have been vegetarian for most of my life (20+ years) and vegan for about 6 years. I still go to nutritional counseling regularly to adjust my diet and learn about food and my health. I suggest you do the same. Look up a good nutritionist that knows about special diets (vegetarian, vegan etc) and talk to them. It is worth the money.
  4. Tou should probably trust your doctor. However it is crucial that you apply sunscreen in the morning every day while you are on tretinoin. Did he tell you that?
  5. Yes and no. Note that I think milk in any form and shape is for baby cows, but that's another discussion... There are multiple things in cow's milk which individually can contribute to acne. 1. most importantly! hormones, naturally occurring in even organic non-treated milk. these hormones are produced by all pregnant cows (they aren't added), and they are what makes baby cows grow big. Lactaid milk is NOT hormone-free. It just doesn't have artificial added hormones... it still hase nat
  6. I'm not a doctor but I honestly have concerns that your dermatologist told you not to use sunscreen when you're on Retin-A. Basically all doctors and the entire internet agrees that the single most important thing when using Retin-A is to use sunscreen no matter if you don't leave your house. I agree, that in general you're on a LOT of things. Stick with one cleanser, one type of chemical exfoliator (if you're on Retin-A, I don't think you need AHA or BHA, which is also concerning to me tha
  7. The whole thing about the "location" of acne and the relation of that to hormones and diet and stuff is pretty much bogus. That said, your flare-up was most likely caused by the hormonal imbalances in your body after stopping the pill. Hard to say how long it would take to clear up. I stopped taking the pill in July last year and got an IUD. My skin flared up, and it took until November to start to clear up. My doctor said it would take some time so I waited... In the beginning of December
  8. That study is evaluating the overall anti-bacterial properties of some low-concentration alcohol extracts that are prepared in a very specific way using the RIND!! of the pomegranate aka. the part you don't eat when you buy the fruit. You'd also have found that the results showing narrow spectrum antibacterial activity to a "satisfactory" extent, which means it only "kind-of" works on a very limited amount of bacterial species. That said, green tea and pomegranate are great so please feel f
  9. It might be that you exfoliated a thin layer of dead skin covering the "black" stuff in there, aka. exposed the clog. Maybe it would be a good time to use some chemical exfoliator (usually some form of acid or enzyme).
  10. I think you do have dry skin. How does your skin look before applying moisturizer? Like if you waited 20-30 minutes after cleansing (that's usually about the time your skin starts to balance out after cleansing)? I completely agree with that lady that you should NOT exfoliate daily, chemically or physically. You also really don't need to, your pores will not clog in a day and you won't look older. I never exfoliate more than twice a week chemically, and rarely exfoliate physically unless
  11. The type of scar you would get from a piercing is different entirely from acne scars. Unless you're prone to get keloids (genetically) you can get a piercing anywhere. It is said to be more difficult to pierce through scars, but a good piercer will look at it and they'll let you know your options. Obviously, when you punch a hole in your body, there's gonna be a scar if you ever choose to take your piercing out. That's just the nature of the beast. The other type of scar that can form aro
  12. 1. Eat only foods that will eventually rot. 2. Eat only foods that have been cooked/made by humans. 3. Avoid foods that are advertised on television. There's more to healthful eating than this, but in general I think it's a good start. I honestly don't think it's all about what kinds of oil you eat, but more about added chemicals, practices (organic vs non-organic), how processed any food is and also mild allergies and sensitivities or triggers. Vegetable oils are bad but realistically you're
  13. I tried making my own ACV concoctions but I could never nail the concentration... I also think you might be using it too much. I use this at night for two days then I take a day break: http://www.justnaturalskincare.com/9/acne/vinegar-acne-face-wash.html It's expensive but literally lasts forever for me. It started clearing my face visibly after 3 days (no joke...) I don't use it as a face wash though. I wash my face with my soap at night, then I put this on, wait until it dries, put o
  14. It's not recommended to use concentrated tea tree oil directly on your face, so I'm surprised it didn't cause you issues for so long. The max they recommend is diluting it 1:10 with another carrier oil for treating acne. 1:20 seems to be the most effective. It might be too drying in the winter, I would try diluting it and see if that makes a difference, since you haven't changed anything about what you do. It's quite possibly the weather.
  15. It's interesting that you don't want to take BC but you would take Spiro. While some forms of BC pills are proven to treat acne, "spironolactone as an acne treatment is considered an “off-label” use, which means it's not FDA-approved." It usually works according to most derms, but the side effects of that don't sound as good to me either. When I switched BC methods from pill to IUD my skin freaked out for about 4 months. I refused to take antibiotics or put them on my face after talking to