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  1. Sounds good, thank you for this excellent advice!! I'm going to go back to using only the acne.org moisturizer/AHA at night and see how it goes. I appreciate your help! Have a wonderful day!!
  2. Hi ResidentEvil, Thanks so much for your reply! That's good to hear that silica doesn't seem to have a history of causing skin issues in general. I have also introduced a primer (Benefit Pore-fessional primer) and an additional moisturizer that I started using on top of 1 pump acne.org + 1 pump AHA at night only. The new moisturizer is the Neutrogena Hydroboost gel-cream moisturizer. I have used that moisturizer alone at night without breaking out, so maybe the primer or layering 2 moisturizer
  3. Hey everyone, I have been on the regimen successfully for a few years now, and have added in some new makeup products recently. I started breaking out on my chin in 4-5 zits yesterday and I think it's related to the new makeup. I wanted to know if anyone has suggestions about applying loose or pressed powder? I tried brushes but after a week or so, I started breaking out. Also, I noticed on the acne.org website, it is recommended to use a clean, dry powder puff. So, I have been using a clean,
  4. Hi snarkygirl, Thank you so much for replying to me!! That is a great point about using powder puffs or sponges--I love that idea!! I've seen those big bags of disposable makeup sponges or puffs in the cosmetics aisle, and they probably keep everything clean without having to worry about brushes collecting bacteria, like you were saying. I'm going to look for a good pressed powder~ you've been so helpful! I appreciate it very, very much! You're awesome lol! ~starchica3
  5. Awesome, thank you CP!! Wow, I'm so sorry it took me this long to reply I really do appreciate your help! Will definitely look at trying this out...I had been using 1/2 AHA mixed with 1/2 moisturizer at night sometimes, and it has been working and helping with hydration/flakes! Thanks again! Take Care
  6. Hi everyone, I was looking for some good suggestions for powder makeup. I usually wear a liquid foundation which has been working just fine, but I want to achieve a more matte look with my makeup without irritating my skin. So basically, my 2 questions are: What kind of powder makeup is best for avoiding acne? (such as loose powder, pressed powder, brand, etc) Do you apply powder with a makeup brush or powder puff? Thank you so very much for any help!!
  7. Hey everyone, I read about using AHA in the morning and Benzoyl Peroxide at night, as for some people it can give your skin a more hydrated look and help with flaking! I was wondering if anyone had tried this and how exactly you go about doing that. In other words, for the morning routine, do you mix 1/2 AHA with 1/2 moisturizer, or just do the AHA alone followed by your typical sunscreen? Thanks for any input!
  8. Thank you CP! That is good to hear, I hope that's the case for me too! Cetaphil is my favorite, it really helps with dry skin in the winter...I will see what happens and hope it gets better from here
  9. Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone else has tried cetaphil moisturizing lotion with the new green cap? It is the one for all skin types (pic below)! I've been using the one "for all skin types" with the blue cap for about 2 months with no problems. It was one of my favorite moisturizers and really helped to moisturize my skin during these dry winter months! However, when I went to go buy a new bottle, they are now packaged with a green cap. Nothing has changed in the ingredients list, a