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  1. My stretch marks depresses my so deeply that i was going to tattoo all over them this year, hearing those news makes me want to wait what do i do now?
  2. my dermatologist suggested me to do a TCA cross in my pores/ice pick scarring followed by a CO2 laser resurface in the next day, i never saw it before, is it safe?
  3. i see alot of people doing home TCA cross for icepick scarring, but i saw alot of comments saying to be careful because there is no way to know how legit it is, anyone knows a trustable source? thanks
  4. Me, you and several other members are in the same boat as you. These arent severe lesions like rhynophyma, so it seems that there are no optimal approach in regards this condition, since a small percentage of acne scarred people get these. Alot of methods can be performed to help diminish/ flatten them. But it depends on the hands performing i guess. I suffer from my nose bumps for 8 years and i never managed to find a professional that could take care of them. The majority dont want to mess w
  5. are u balding? have u noticed any negative effects of isotretinoin on your hair? or the opposite? isotretinoin is known for potential hair loss but is also known to reduce DHT serum levels in skin drastically which can have positive effects in male pattern baldness(thats inconclusive).
  6. oh my god your skin werent bad before but now is simply perfect congratulations, if i could have Dr Rullan to treat my scars i would be very happy thats awesome results
  7. dude your scars improved tremendously congratulation for your results
  8. Yeah, i made a big mistake yesterday, my mom had a dermatologist for her allergy problem, then invited me to come with her to see if she could do something to my nose, well, she refused aswell to do something cause she said it was not that visible and wasnt so big to inject steroid there. I bet she never treated a single acne scar patient in her whole life.
  9. Hello OP, did u fixed your bumps? @Obi wan i do have bumps on my nose too and texture problems TCA cross on the bumps is recommended in this case? thx
  10. Did your bumps flattened out? Im jumping from derm to derm trying to find a solution for these nose bumps, but the majority of the derms dont know how to treat if effectively too thats pretty sad.
  11. I will keep searching, but i cant spend more thousands on doctors that dont even know how to treat it. So inbetween i will try to needle it and look for another treatments i can do at home. thank you very much for your help, any advice is welcome. I used silicone patches for 2 years now, every day, on my nose without sucess. I probably saw every rhinophyma video so i can get a tip of how i can advice any doctor to treat it, but they dont want to mess with it. i tried to use clobetasol which i
  12. The first picture is a bump on nose, its there for years, i dont care much about the pores, i think everyone has them, mines arent that bigger, are kinda average normal. what bothers me is the small bumpy areas, i just wanted to make them flat. Sorry about the photos, the quality isnt given a very good perspective to judge because the quality of the camera is kinda poor, i will try to find another way to bring better photos i would love to have a recommendation about a Lim/Novack/Chu like doct
  13. So, i went to one different dermatologist and one surgeon, both of them refused to treat my condition. one of them simple looked and said he wasnt going to remove. the other said it was a small sebaceous hyperplasia and wasnt worth it to cut it and cause scarring So im completely lost here. I came to a conclusion that brazil is one of the worst places to take care of your acne/scars. The surgeons and dermatologists here just want to do procedures like botox, silicone, buttlifts and that
  14. I am male. After my second round i was using salycilic acid + benzoil peroxide(clyndoxil), no moisturizer, i had few pimples here and there ocasionally they didnt bother. But after like 2 years in this regimen my skin start to become very dry. Its when the acne started to get out of control. i started to get irritation from salycilica acid + benzoil peroxide, so i started to use a jojoba oil moisturizer and wasnt enough. i stopped the salycilic acid, then my skin start to get worse and w