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  1. I haven't actually tried anything on my face because I'm scared it'll break me out even more. (Because of other reviews I have read about their face breaking out when using face products.) but I followed Frank Scrub on Instagram and seen some pretty darn great results with all sorts of things, including acne! So I thought why not? It's natural, might as well give it a try. Unfortunately it hasn't cleared my face up like the other people I have seen, which kind of just brought my hopes down. (
  2. Well, I'm 15 years old, to start off. And I live in Grand Rapids.. So the weather could be snowing one day & hot the next. Anyways, I've had mild acne since middle school I'd say. It wasn't until last year I started seeing what was really on my forehead (I had bangs all of middle school of embarrassment.) & I decided to let my bangs grow and keep them out of my face to see if that was the problem. Unfortunately, nothing has changed. In fact, I think it's worse than before. & I don't