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  1. I came across this drug topiramate in a Men's Health magazine and decided to look it up online. It looks promising for shallow acne scars. Check out the improvement of the shallow scars in the first link. dermatology.cdlib.org/95/original/scars/shapira.html www.napa.ufl.edu/2004news/scartreatment.htm
  2. I've been researching this all night and it looks like I have purpura from the v-beam. Son of a bitch. It's supposed to last up to 2 weeks. This is just my luck. Now I have to lie to everyone about what happened to my face. I can't go to work looking like this. And I'm a dude so I can't wear any makeup to hide it. Anyone have any good white lies I can tell...lol? Also, I'm so pissed because these lasers are supposed to have no downtime. My doc allows me to make payments for these treatm
  3. I'm freaking out here a little bit. I just had my 3rd smoothbeam/v-beam treatment today (setting at 13.5) and I think I got burned by the laser. These marks look kind of like a scab and look purple. I don't know if they are blisters or what? I'm so freaking pissed off right now because my skin was starting to look really good. What the hell am I going do? I can't go to work looking like this. Should I apply something to these marks? I need immediate assistance. I tried calling my doc's
  4. i just bought the Youthful Essentials Wrinkle serum and I wondering if this product can be used for wrinkles around the eyes or do I have to buy another product? Thanks. http://www.suncountrynaturals.com/serum.html
  5. This is a good question. I was thinking of purchasing the lactic peels too. Does anyone know how it is packaged? I don't want my roomates finding a package at the door adressed to me that has anything involving the word makeup.
  6. I'm thinking of starting the regimen tonight. I have a mild case of acne, but I have been breaking out more these past few weeks. This may be caused by the first smoothbeam treatment I received 2 weeks ago? I am doing smoothbeam to help out with some mild scarring that I got when I was on retin-a a long time ago. Do you think it is okay to get on the regimen in conjunction with smoothbeam? The only thing that sucks is that I have to stop topicals 3 days prior to smoothbeam treatment. I am
  7. I had a recent outbreak and now I'm waiting for these marks to disappear. They usually fade away within 2 weeks, but it has been almost 3 weeks! Has anyone experienced that they don't heal as quickly during the winter season. I've been using aloe vera gel without much success. any suggestions? I know I'm thinking too much and that I need to be more patient. I just want these damn marks to go away. ugggggggggggg.
  8. I know b5 works for oily skin, but I have dry skin. Will this work for me? I've been on this for exactly 2 weeks now. My face was breaking out like crazy a week and half ago. It has since subsided but I'm still getting smaller ones. I remember I started breaking out right before taking b5. Also, I remember a month and a half ago I started using the cetaphil moisturizer. Would anyone attribute the break outs to this moisturizer? I know it takes a while for pores to clog. Thanks in a
  9. Okay, here is my dilema. I've been taking B5 for 10 days now and this has probally been the worst 10 days in a long time. I'm breaking out with more acne. I don't have any side effects, however. I started right off the bat by taking 10g a day. Should I get off the B5 or is this the initial breakout? When can I start seeing results?
  10. Dr. Dima Ali is located at the Austin-Western center. Her website is rather hard to find. Sorry I should have given you this website instead. www.wellmedica.com Reston is about 20 min. outside of DC. I'm going to call tomorrow about the cost of smoothbeam. I'll keep you posted.
  11. Dr. Ali's address is as follows: WellMedica Anti-Aging and Wellness Center 1825 Samuel Morse Drive Reston, Virginia 20190 703.438.3700 www.austin-weston.com Eric, thanks for the info. I am in a dilema here. I don't know whether I should go for the significant reduction in price or experience. Can you tell me exactly how much she is charging you. Niko went to Dr. Ali as well and he had remarkable results. He said it can average 3k to 5k for 5 treatments. I just don't want to p
  12. Hey NOVA, are you buy any chance from the Northern Virginia area? Just thought I'd ask because of your nickname. If you are do you mind telling me who is doing your treatments? $250 is a bargain where I live. Thanks.
  13. I thought some of you might be interested in this article. Listen to the audio archive. Dr. Tina Alster answered questions about smoothbeam today. It's too bad she's so f-ing expensive! http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/031210/105818_1.html
  14. yeah, tell me about it. I was in shock when they handed me the price sheet. I wasted $175! I should have asked about their prices on the phone before consultation! ](*,)
  15. Hey Eric, I'm also in the NOVA area and I am very interested in having this done. I had a consultation with Dr. Tanzi (works with Dr. Alster) last week. She sounded very promising, however, 3 treatments were $5K not to mention $175 consultation fee. There is no way I can afford this. How much does Dr. Ali charge for the whole face? I found a Dr. in Fredericksburg area (Dr. Terri Morris) that charges $300 but I don't want someone that is inexperienced (can't afford blisters and other side ef