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  1. hey are you still using the trophy lamp?

    1. Hello, I once suffered from pretty severe acne. Perhaps between moderate and severe, everyday I would feel self conscious about it and it put me into a significant depression. I recall it consuming my entire life, I would literally hide my face and stray away from people around. Could you believe I would even skip college classes due to a breakout? I would actually see my face in my car mirror and feel disgusted by my appearance and I would just hide in my car until class ended. I just couldn'
    2. I certainly regret Accutane. I've had many side effects following it: Eye infections, Migraines, IBD, horrible memory, abnormal left rib growth. I did a course of 80mg a day for 6 months and following the treatment, my health went down hill. I can't focus on anything except side effects headaches, IBD, and breathing problems possibly due to my rib deformity. I'm always having panic attacks, college has been hard due to me being unable to focus on anything. My bones are being affected more each
    3. I finished Accutane 5 months ago and have had nothing but problems since. From infections, migraines, to IBS. Now I recently noticed my ribs are very asymmetric. A few week ago walked around my house without a shirt and noticed my left rib is significantly extruding out while my right rib seems normal. It's very visible and looks like a deformity. I would understand if it was a negligible difference but it doesn't seem that way at all, it appears very strange. On top of that, it seems to be gett
    4. Hello, I suffer from moderate acne and sometimes I'll use a blue light lamp to treat it. I've noticed days after using it I experience heavy migraines but am unsure whether the light is actually related or if it's simply coincidental. It's a fluorescent type of light and right now I'm experiencing a very heavy migraine and I used the lamp last night. Could there be a connection?
    5. any update on the nicomide?

      1. I used 15 grams of B5 a day for a month and the improvement was negligible. I also experienced some inconvenient side effects that had me rushing to the bathroom constantly; but that can be rectified with pentethine. I wouldn't bother with B5, 150mg of Zinc a day seems to be working well for me though.
      2. Just thought I would share my results so far. I've been using this regimen for 19 days now and have seen some real improvement. I still break out, but when I do it's very negligible. I have actually increased the dose after the first week, I'm taking 75 mg of Zinc, 1 gram of Niacinamide, and 1 mg of folic acid. My skin certainly seems less oily, and I'm sure if I didn't start this treatment my pimples would be much more cystic as they were when using pantothenic acid. Recently I also de
      3. This is indeed very interesting. I'm going to follow databased's instructed regimen for 8 weeks and report my results. Hopefully no debilitating side effects occur like when I tried mega dosing pantothenic acid. Thanks for linking me to this thread databased.
      4. You're probably right. I decided to discontinue.
      5. It has been about 2 weeks now and I'm still in a constant state of breaking out. I've been dosing 10-20 grams a day, atleast over 10 grams each day. I keep hearing that with high doses the initial breakout should be within the first week, but it seems as I accrue the dosage I resume breaking out more critically each time. I'm actually getting cystic pimples, normally they're not as large as the ones i've been getting recently. I'm curious to ask, is there anyone on this forum who has gone atlea
      6. I'm not sure about alcohol, but I'm a frequent marijuana toker and I find that it doesn't result in any skin changes but, I sometimes breakout from binge eating. I find that when I smoke and fall asleep before eating my skin will remain the same. If I smoke some nice sativa however, i'll raid the kitchen and find new pimples on my cheeks the next morning.
      7. I've been using 10 grams of pantothenic acid a day for over a week now. When I started my skin seemed to be very less oily. Infact, it seemed to be clearing up dramatically. It's now day 9 and my skin is breaking out and it feels oily again. I'm not sure if this is due to an initial breakout or perhaps the effectiveness is just wearing off very quickly. Maybe I'm one of the few who won't be treated successfully with B5. When should the initial breakout occur? If I resume the treatment will I eve
      8. Yeah, so a week ago I started my b5 treatment. Didn't expect much out of it due to some negative information regarding it on some sites [sites trying to sell acne diet books that is...]. I purchased 600 grams of powder form, then decided to take 5 grams for the first three days and 10 grams following like instructed. It has been 7 days exactly, and my skin is looking amazing...My scars are healing and fading every morning, they're almost completely gone. My forhead is 100% clear while my cheeks
      9. Thanks for the reply. I haven't been using it as excessively and i've been seeing better results. I think I have found a balance.