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  1. QUOTE(jlee92003 @ Sep 20 2006, 12:04 AM) ← Ok this is really embarrassing but for some reason like starting 6 months ago I keep getting these zits in between my eyes or in the middle of my forehead and they are soooo disgusting. I cant bare to look in the mirror. Why do I keep getting them in the worst places possible? Can anyone explain or tell me how to preven them? I've been on accutane for 2.5 months and after six weeks i got completely clear skin but just last week i got this sort of bump
  2. My derm said drinking is fine while on Accutane, just keep it in moderation. She said just to try and drink about a third of what you used to before the drug. So if you drank 3 times a week try to drink only once a week and if you have 9 drinks that night, try only 3. Cutting down on the sucks but at least you'll lose body fat and regain some short term memory.
  3. Good luck on it. I am in the same boat as you, I just started yesterday on Clarvis. My acne is controlled very well now but I have been on Minocycline and Evoclin for awhile so they gave me tane as a kind-of hopefully permanent solution. It is so hard to keep from taking the other med's cause I'm worried abotu the initial breakout. I've been clear on my face almost 2 months! I cheated and use Evoclin today and now my face is really dry, also I'm going to a club so i have to have a drink or two.
  4. Everclear isn't legal in my part of New York I do agree though I think vodka can actually clear your skin. Especially if you mix if with something that will keep you hydrated. Great drink: The Tucker Max Death Mix Everclear+Redbull+Gatorade = one hell of a night. If Everclear isn't legal use Devil's Springs or another highly alcoholic vodka. I just started Accutane and can't drink much anymore I'm sad-face.
  5. Good move Ms. Sweetie Pie. The Navy or the Air Force are great branches to join. The Navy usually gets stationed in the best places too, unless of course your stuck on a ship, then the next 1-2 years will suck except for when you land somewhere. My brother was lucky enough to stay at a base in Japan for his whole term of service and a friend of mine is staying in Spain. Makes me wish I joined up. Noone shoots at you in the Navy either. Just watch out for those pesky Russian submarines.
  6. I agree on this. Pac is good to listen to on all occasions. So is late night Raw XM radio.
  7. Tali, Do what Rali said, if your at a gym avoid cardio and do weight training. Work on cardio seldomly. If you have a job or play sports were your very active your not going to need anymore cardio. I know alot of women are afraid of getting bulky from lifting but you won't, you will gain muscle lose fat, look more toned and be all around healthier. Eat lots of pre-packaged chicken fingers too those things made me gain around 10 pounds in 5 weeks. It'll give you something to work-off so your not
  8. The question is do you really want to live up to 30 years longer? To live in pain everyday cause your so old and nothing works, struggling to breathe and running over cats because you can't see the road doesn't song like fun to me.
  9. QUOTE(starrybabe21 @ Sep 12 2006, 11:43 AM) ← Good luck with accutane Im sure you will be fine x Thanks, I can't wait to start it so i can go back to stuff i had to cut out like eating peanuts and sleeping on my face and not worrying about it. Sleeping on your back is so uncomfortable! holyhandgrenade, It is funny how the alcohol works. It does seem like it would be a bad thing but your skin just feels and looks so much better afterwards. I think they should do a test on this. Not on
  10. haha, I used to be the same way. I worked at a drug store and used to stop and read the bottles while I stocked them all. The managers always wondered what took me so long to get 3 small boxes of merchandise on to the shelves. My excuse always was that i was making sure none were expired. I take a few now, zinc, omega acids and a mens supplement. Thought i don't know if they are doing anything, i am afraid to stop incase they are.
  11. If you touch your face alot that could be a huge aggrivator. I rarely touch my face, even in the shower i won't wash it, I just let the water run on my face for a bit and feel good as new. The only time i ever touch my face is when i use Evoclin foam. This works pretty good IMO. It also could be from grinding your face into your pillow when you sleep. If you see flakes of skin on your pillow in the morning, you for sure have been grinding ur face!
  12. *EDIT* - Accutane has serious side effects, wish I never took it. I've had mild/moderate to severe acne since around senior year in high school. I figured back then that it wouldn't get bad or that it would just go away over time but after two years i realized i had a better chance of dating Jessica Alba than having that happen. I tried proactiv and that just made things a hell of a lot worse and made my mild acne become severe. I went to a derm who offered me Minocycline and Evoclin foam. T