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  1. I used 35% percent TCA Cross method on my face and I can tell you to be very careful. I did this three weeks ago, although I am seeing improvement, I still have the red marks from the treatment. 100% is very strong please use with caution. Try to keep the scabs on for as long as possible, this will help with the hyperpigmentation. It is a good idea to do one at a time to see how your skin reacts.
  2. My Aunt mentioned to me once that (in the old days) that women in Sweden would take their babies urine soaked cloth diapers and lay it over their faces. Most of the the Swedes I know have beautiful skin. Urine is sterile so it won't kill you and it just might work. Who knows. At least you won't have to spend money for a cure.
  3. Thank you Delna and Beba for your suggestions. I ordered the TCA and will try that for my scars. I have noticed that my scars seem to be reducing in size. Today I looked in my rear view mirror and noticed my scars to be much smaller. It has to be Delna's skin care method. I feel that this method is a microdermabrasion but with much better results and without the cost. Maybe I won't have to do the TCA if I keep getting great result. Yes Delna my red marks are all gone. Can't tell you how
  4. Hey Delna, Now that my face is clear and very soft and lovely, I would like to start healing some of my acne pit scars. I know this is not the right site for this but you seem to be very knowlegeable on the subject of acne and skin. It seems to never end with acne, first the bump, then the red mark, then the pitting. Any suggestions? I have had needling which has helped so much but I still have rather large pores around my nose and mouth. Thanks again I am forever greatful for your postings
  5. Hi, I've been using Delna's method for about two weeks now. WOW! What an improvement with my skin. I don't feel the need to use heavy foundation on my face to hide all my red marks because they have faded. I haven't had a significant breakout since I started this. I'm not using soap any more to clean my face. I use olive oil to take off all my makeup, then I use baking soda to wash my face, then I apply the ACV full strength. (it doesn't irritate my skin). Then at night I use the egg whit
  6. I picked up a product today at the drug store called Oxy acne wash. It says on the label that it cleans deep and releases active oxygen to eliminate acne bacteria. I guess I wasn't that much off base with my treatment. I do agree that I have been over excessive with the oxy clean. I'm going to use it once a week and only in the areas that I usually break out like my chin and forehead. I do agree with the person who said you don't know what your skin will look like in the future. I just didn
  7. I'm going to keep trying it, I use it once a day. You don't think the products you use on your faces don't have chemicals and toxins in them ?Read the label of your bp sometime or the wash you use on your face. My face hasn't looked this good since I was 12 years old. I may be an idiot but I'm an idiot with a clear compexion.
  8. I have been using oxy clean laundry detergent on my face for a week now. I figured if it cleans my clothes so well it might clean out the bacteria on my skin. I put a small amount in a paper cup and add a small amount of water to make a paste then I smear it over my face and leave it on a couple of minutes, then I rinse it off and put on a moisturizer, it does dry out your skin a bit. Be careful if you have sensitive skin it may cause some redness. I going to try it on my son and see if i
  9. hey, sick of it. I would contact roche, the company that manufactures accutane and insist that they help you find a doctor in your area that will prescribe accutane. I'm sorry I didn't do that when I was in college when no derms would prescribe it. I had very severe acne. One derm told me he didn't want to prescribe it because my face would clear up and then I would get a boyfriend, then get pregnant while on accutane. what an idiot. I'm suffering with acne scars now. don't wait until y
  10. microdermabrasion made my scars look worse. I had alliderm injections cost $700.00 no improvement not one bit. Live and learn.
  11. Mimi, She did my scars and some smile lines around my mouth. She goes over the same area everytime until she can see no other scars or shadows. When I go back next week she will hit the ones I have left and any other imperfections she can see. She uses a magnifying mirror so she is very thorough.
  12. Karen Downs, a makeup artist in Waterford MI. She uses a hand tool, it costs $200 a session. It doesn't hurt.