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  1. I should start my period on may 20th. Im not on any birth control right now because im going to start YAZ when my period starts. My bf is in the marines and coming home when im suppose to have my period. Hes only going to be here 9 days so i dont want my period while he is here. Should I either: A. Wait til the week after I start my period to start taking my pills that way my period will come a full week later. or.... B. Take them when I'm suppose to and skip the placebo week, go into a new
  2. Hows your skin doin coltsfan? Hope things are lookin better! I'm thinking of trying this.
  3. Lets keep our fingers crossed!!! Im waiting for my period to start then Im gonna try Yaz! Im already on 100mg of spiro
  4. I was on Yasmin a couple of years ago and was extremely moody, depressed, retaining water, etc (cant remember if it affected my skin at all) anyways i was on it for three months and i stopped then a couple months later i decided to start taking it again and i never had a problem with it. I thought it was weird that the second time around i could tolerate it....it could be because i started taking a b complex which improves your mind. But anyway, i stopped taking it because i had broke up wit my
  5. I need to be on bc so I went to my gyno 2 wks ago and she put me on YAZ. Then I am reading on here that they cause an IB so I called my gyno and asked her what to expect and she said no they shouldnt make u break out at first it is regulating hormones so it shouldnt cause a breakout. I then had a derm appt on friday and he said he has never heard of that either and he has patients on yaz who have been very successful with clearing their acne. I am really worried because my boyfriends in the mari
  6. Yeah I am really going to change my diet!!!! Is there a link so I can see which foods are high in fat and low in carbs? Especially fruit because I eat a lot of fruit so I need to know which ones contain a lot of sugar. Thanks
  7. WOW! Thank you all VERY much!!! I have been diagnosed with pcos but i have regular periods, no cysts on my ovaries, and im underweight. My blood showed I have high insulin and testosterone. Now I just went to my derm today who has put me on the spiro and he said when he tested my blood levels (this was back in novemeber 07) they were normal....87. So does an endocrinologist like in depth test sugar levels (i remember he tested where they were coming from) or is all the sugar levels just 1 catego
  8. I just dont understand. If metformin (glucophage) is suppose to make me NON insulin resistant & the doc also said it will also cut down my testosterone. And if I add spironolactone wouldn't that solve all my insulin/androgen probs and allow me to eat whatever I would want? I havent taken the 2 together yet. Of course it apparently isnt doing that since I am still breaking out, but shouldn't it make me not have to diet since the med should be taking care of all my probs?!?! I thought that wa
  9. The endo says I have PCOS. I dont have cysts, Im actually underweight, and regular periods. I am scared if I do a low carb I'm going to get thinner! I DONT want that to happen What should I do? Also, how much of each should i take?
  10. I have been sufferening with acne for over 10 years! I dont know what else to do. I know I have IR and high test. ( I had a blood test done by an endo) all he did was put me on metformin and said my acne would clear from it. I'm currently taking 1000mg of metformin daily but I am still breaking out. Definitely not as bad as before but Im not clear. I came on here to see what vitamins I should be taking but there's just way too many you guys have listed. I need to know which ones re best for me a
  11. I went on Spiro October 20th (so a little over 2 months) I was clear as can be from week 3-6 and then bam i got a horrible break out and im still breaking out. Is this not working for me? Or is it still the IB? I have very high testosterone and I'm on 100 mgs
  12. I took my pills about 5 minutes before I threw up(gross i know). I think I got food poisening or something I went and got a checkers hamburger and it made me feel sick. Are the pills still in my system or do I need to retake them tonight:? I take 2 50mgs
  13. My doc said that the added hormones in BC pills could be the cause of my acne. I was on spiro and it was working great for the first 5 wks, then I started BC 3 weeks ago and I've been breaking out ever since. I'm on Yasmin, but when he said that I might just be sensitive to the added hormones from the pill I'm considering stopping the Yasmin so I can have clear skin.
  14. I was ortho tri cyclen and switched to yasmin this month. My boyfriend is in the marines and is coming home next Friday for 10 days. Well what do you know, Saturday is my last pill (the day after he comes home) them I start my period. I REALLY DO NOT want to be on my period while he is here. Should I stop taking my pills now that way I have my pd. b4 he gets here? or should I try to skip my period and pray I don't spot? I was thinking I should stop taking them tomorrow (Thurs) so that I can