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  1. i've heard about the long term low dose thing, but the problem with that for females is the ipledge/birth defect issue. there is no way my MD would be able to prescribe that. not just that, but who knows what 2 courses of accutane are going to do in the long run. imagine what kind of damage long term use could do to your liver? i've been using 10% mandelic acid for 1.5 weeks and my skin is almost completely clear again. All of the little bumps and blackheads I had are clearing up, my skin i
  2. 1 year post accutane
  3. get some sleep and use hemorrhoid cream...seriously, it's what models use because it helps decrease the puffiness.
  4. If you're in england I don't know that the laws are as far as testing goes, but state side, drug testing is not part of a blood test for liver function/pregnancy. Drug use wouldn't show up unless they are testing for the specific drug. It's the same for pretty much anything... if they are not testing for it, it won't come up.
  5. Well, I didn't actually start using the BP until my skin broke out really bad, maybe a month into accutane treatment. I wasn't really expecting it to get as bad as it did. So I thought that the BP would just speed things up. About 2 weeks into the regimen the skin around my mouth was really bad. Exfoliating, moisturizers, vitamin e oil did nothing. I could't wear makeup to cover up the breakout any more, and I ended up at a chili peppers concert, so embarrased by how I looked I couldn't even
  6. I thought I would be smart and use the BP regimen to help shorten the horrible initial breakout I was having. Entire sheets of skin started peeling off of the area around my mouth. It was really embarrasing and was 10 times worse than just having zits alone. Stop using everthing as soon as you start using accutane. Let it do it's thing, and just try to remember how great your skin will look in 4 months!
  7. same thing is happening to me. i finished last winter too, and my skin was perfect. i'm going to try mandelic acid because i've read alot of good stuff about it on here. i guess time will tell... good luck! and try not to stress out too much about it - stress can make zits worse!
  8. I've been trying to follow CSR for a little over a month. I'm having the same problem as you. I'm washing with Cetaphil, applying 5% BP, and applying Cetaphil moisturizer - BP only at night. I expected to be dry and peeling at first, but all of a sudden yesterday my face (mostly on the sides of my mouth) got really bad. I'm peeling like I had a sunburn. My skin hasn't improved either, so now I have much worse skin then I started with. I'm on accutane too, so maybe that was my own fault. I
  9. IUDs are not 100% effective. Pretty close though, typical use failure rate is reported between 1% and 5%. Even surgical sterilization is not 100% effective. While ipledge itself does allow this option, it should be noted that many prescribers will not accept abstinence as the birth control method and will require you to pick two forms anyway. Well, actually my LNG 20 type IUD by Mirena is 99.9% effective. I believe from what I've read the .01% chance of pregnancy is due to the dev
  10. I'm starting on my 3rd month of Accutane, and I just came down with a wicked UTI. I had a problem with these 2 or 3 yrs ago, but haven't had one since. Could the Accutane be causing the problem??? Just curious if anyone else has had any issues with infections. Thanks!
  11. Hey, good luck! I'm starting on month 3 right now... 50mg split up during the day. I'm still waiting for results after 2 months, so don't start thinking that Ipledge isn't worth it. I had to have the preg. test 1 month before too. The worst was the month that I had to wait. I don't understand why. A neg. preg. test means there is no pregnancy. What are they making us wait for??? Maybe they think we'll change our minds? At first all the information seems overwhelming. I recommed reading
  12. I understand the point of Ipledge, but I'm shocked that you can just claim abstinence to get out of the whole thing... I have an IUD that has 100% effectiveness (unless it falls out) and I still have to use condoms, wait over 30 days and answer questions a monkey could answer to get my script. If I had just claimed abstinence I could avoid the whole thing? The program is so serious about pregnancy, but you can just tell them you don't have sex and they take your word for it??? I don't unders
  13. You guys should all try using Philosophy the present clear powder. I don't know what I would have done without it. The sheets kind of suck b/c you have to keep using them and carry them with you. You only apply the clear powder once in the morning after you wash your face. My skin was so oily, and nothing seemed to work. I'd use the clear powder after moisturizer and b4 makeup. It worked wonders when I needed it. It's not expensive and the bottle lasts a long time.