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  1. That's what I assume. Taking it for life (or probably 10 years, which is kinda the same thing lol) is probably a bad idea, even with a micro dose such as this?
  2. Hey. First of all, thanks for starting this thread. I'm thinking on going into this around July, and having a new thread on this topic helps me out a lot. I even started a new thread that might not be that necessary anymore, but I wouldn't mind getting my questions answered here. Second, from that picture you have, if that's you, you're a babe. My primary and really only concern is the initial breakout. I plan on starting out really small, at 10mg/week. I am only doing this for oil, my acne i
  3. Yeah, I don't know if this is a good idea. Not telling your doctor and all. I actually just want to take 10mg a week and see how that goes for me in regards to oil. I have very little acne compared to what I used to have a year and a half ago thanks to the Regimen, but the oil still pisses me off. I'm hoping there will be no initial break out if I start this... otherwise I might just say screw it and not go on it at all.
  4. Hey all. It's been a while since I have posted here, and I ended up forgetting my username and password so I had to make a new one. Anyway, like I said, I'm planning on taking low dose accutane for oily skin, starting in July. I have read how effective it can be, the studies done, and some users here have done it. I remember reading a Korean guy (sorry forgot your name bro, don't even know if you frequent here anymore) doing this and he had great results, but then switched to a topical, never
  5. Hey, I'm actually planning on taking ultra low dose later in the summer. I haven't really heard of it affecting your intellect though. It could not affect you, if you heard it affecting someone else. It depends on the person. I'm taking it for oily skin, not for acne (although I do think it could be a slight factor). Curious to see what other say.