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  1. How long did vitamin D tablets take to work? I've been taking them for over a month. My skin is clear (recently cleared my acne) but still oily! @tea rex
  2. For sure! I hope the original OP will eventually return to tell us his results glad everyone is seeing success!! Definately give it the 12 full weeks, in still doing great! Please check out my gallery which I've posted some photos of my results if you're interested. Good luck everyone
  3. Becjane1988


    My epiduo experience.
  4. My acne started out like this but it soon turned into much worse (pustules) with those bumps. I found the cream worked on those bumps really well! I found they got rid of most of them without then turning into pimples (only a few did), but not all of them if that is what you're afraid of give it a try, give it the full 12 weeks before making a decision. Oh and take photos of your progress!! I'm so glad I did that
  5. Yeah, just remember it's not perfect! But everyone gets a zit now and then. I got my first one in awhile on Weds and it's already gone. I freak out when I get a spot too. We must be afraid of it going back to how it was. Glad you're still doing good!!
  6. Thanks so much for the suggestion. I'll look into it. I'm not sure when to expect a difference in my hormones, but I'm two weeks off it and feel a lot less moody already haha. Since your talking about food and how it affects your skin... You're so right. When I started breaking out I too thought it was my calorie intake and drastically reduced my calories after reading a bunch of stuff online and lost like 15-20 lbs. Personally I don't think it helps and it's scary to think it can probably c
  7. I'm Day 112 today and it's been 1 month since I got a bad pustule. I am going off birth control though, so really afraid that might make it worse. Birth Control never helped though (whole reason I went back on them!) so hoping it won't make much of a difference. They make you crazy! I've been off them before and never broke out. Crossing fingers!! Glad you're progress is going well still
  8. I haven't really had anything major since July 21st and I wouldn't even say it was major. I just freak out over 1 pimple haha. But I'm pretty happy with how things are going. I think things will continue to improve too. I am hoping by Month 4 my PIH will be majorly faded or gone. I've noticed it fading a lot. Don't give up if you still get a few spots even though you're entering month 3 I went through the same thing and every time I get a spot the time between them increases! Keep updating. I
  9. That happened to me around the same time! I was noticing progress but if I picked at all it would scab and I found myself super flaky and had issues wearing make up. I tried rubbing off the dead skin in the shower but it just made my new skin underneath feel raw. The scabbing issue went away around week 8, only the past 2 weeks or so I noticed my skin is barely flaky at all anymore. (I'm on week 13).
  10. I'm 12.5 weeks into it. Keep with it - it definitely helps