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  1. Microneedling and retinoid cream could help. Try asking a dermatologist.
  2. Perhaps start off with a chemical peel of some sort, maybe mild to moderate strength.
  3. This is a difficult question to answer because it varies from person to person. Iv gone through this process and truly know how difficult it can be to have the patience to wait for the medicine to work. I say that your purging stage should be over within a month. What bothered me about this waiting stage was all the red marks that would accumulate on my face since once the pimples go away they often leave red marks that stay on for a while. I wish you good luck
  4. It looks like a mixture of freckles(little spots of excess melanin) and post inflammatory erythema, which is like the redness that stays after the inflammation from the pimple goes away. For those little spots of melanin a dermatologist would probably recommend a skin lightener. And for the red marks, just wait a few months and you should see them heal up, maybe a visit to the derm can speed up that process.
  5. I dont see anything on your face to be incredibly concerned about. Sure, its not perfect, flawless skin, but overall your skin looks fine. Good thing you arnt breaking out anymore, that must make you happy. I know how you feel when you talk about the insecurity that comes along with having skin troubles, it can take over your life and hurt you really bad. I wish I could quit being obsessive about my skin. My first semester of college i broke out terribly and it left me with red marks EVERYWH
  6. No, dont try dermarolling. Right now just try to focus on clearing your clogged pores by seeing a dermatologist.
  7. It looks nearly undetectable, I actually thought you were complaining about it so I thought that was absurd.
  8. Honestly I was like you, only I had far more post acne red marks, I had like three times the amount you have. I tried dermarolling and it actually DIDNT help at all, I actually had more breakouts afterwords(this is the absolute truth). The best solution is seeing a dermatologist, getting on antibiotics or accutane, and waiting till the red marks fade in 4-6 months. You will be ok, just wear a light foundation to cover up the redness.
  9. Yeah, honestly its probably not your coffee or somewhat late sleeping schedule. Sure, sleeping more would make you a healthier person, but dont feel guilty that your moderately late bedtime is the cause for increased sebum production. Use 2.5% bp cream and cleansing wipes or cream and that as far as your at hope treatment should go. If that doesn't work see a dermatologist.
  10. Yeah i get it. We are superficial, we are animals, and we are all just trying to fit a mold to be accepted by others. We have a disposition to strive to be accepted by "the pack" and to be viewed as a favorable mate by the opposite sex. These traits are innate(genetically inherited) and they often deteriorate our quality of life. Its incredibly hard to overcome these innate and culturally cultivated drawbacks.
  11. one word: damn Good for you man, substantial improvement was made. Im sure you are pretty freakin happy right now.
  12. Sorry man, I was in a bad mood yesterday, but that's no excuse for getting angry. Your a good looking dude. I would look into the advice of beautifulambition
  13. The actual amount of bumps appears to be mild, but I see a general redness that perhaps makes the skin look worse. I recommend moisturizing a bit and using BP on the active bumb areas
  14. It seems like there is no clear answer for why we get acne and some others don't. It's pretty frustersting. Remember that you only have acne and no scarring yet so that is a major positive. Benzoyl peroxide kills acne causing bacteria, but honestly it never worked that well for me. Antibiotics worked little for me but not enough. All that ever worked for me was accutane, isotretinoin to be exact.