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    Being with friends and family. Reading, drawing, exercising, playing and watching sports, mainly football (soccer). Pretty much any genre of music. Computer games, the internet. My two lovely dogs. That's pretty much it really.
  1. I wasn't sure if this should go in the blog section or here. However, I am posting my friend's blog here as she had success with accutane and has gone from mild/moderate acne to none at all. Her website is helpful as she posted bi-weekly pics of her skin so it is easy to judge her progress through all the different stages. This is her blog: http://acne-ends-here.blogspot.co.uk/ I hope it helps someone out there or inspires people; don't be afraid of accutane, it isn't the evil people ma
  2. Hi all, I have not used this site in a very long time but I am not posting for myself but rather my very close friend. She has just completed her accutane course after 8 long, arduous months. I am happy to report that despite her worries she has achieved success and full clearance of her acne. I would describe the acne she had as mild, bordering on moderate at times and it is worth noting that she is of Chinese ethnicity and 25 years old. She did have an initial breakout which was tough
  3. I agree with everyone else Catty, you definitely do not look like ass.
  4. Any form of exfoliation is going to strip away the outer most layer(s) of skin so your skin will have less of a barrier to protect itself against sun damage. If anyone is exfoliating then an spf of 15-20 at least should be used during that time. In the long run you will lessen the risk of any problems resulting from UV damage.
  5. Red marks are usually flat areas of redness where the pimple used to be. Scars are physical indentations in the skin. If you can't tell if they are indented do as sweetheart says above me and use harsh lighting to your advantage. I used to tilt my head in the mirror in my kitchen (fluorescent lighting) to tell if some of my red marks were indented. But don't worry if your marks are smooth or indented/pitted, the red marks do fade in time and most indented marks, or the redness in these scars I
  6. Same here, that's how I fucked up my first semester almost completely, hah.
  7. I had to attend a certain amount of classes and lectures at uni to be eligible to receive a grade at the end of the semester. The semester my acne stared getting bad (in 3rd year) I started missing many lectures and a few classes but I still managed to complete the year and got my BA History degree. Just grit your teeth and see it out, in the long run your acne will disappear and you will find employment that you enjoy. Presentations are probably the worst. I had to give a presentation durin
  8. I also took two pills, one in the morning and one with my meal at night. I think it would be more advisable to take it with food or at least a glass of milk as the isotretinoin is fat soluble and will be better absorbed by the body this way than without food.
  9. OP, I don't see anything that wrong with what you said to the girl you like. Maybe asking her how about her day was a little too personal and not really something you would ask someone you just met. She could at least have acknowleged you though. She was either being cold with you or maybe she was just a little nervous also and didn't really know what to say back. I can imagine how embarrassing it must have been to have talked to her and not even garner any form of response. But you had the cou
  10. Hey. Thnx 4 the comment. I think the anime is called 'Claymore'. That pic of Dr. Salvador on your profile is pretty sick. I loved Resi 4 when it 1st came out on GCN.