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  1. This is awesome! I am genuinely elated for the people that it can and will help. But it says it pretty clearly here - 'far less scarring'. It doesn't say 'no scarring'. I don't mean to undermine SkinTE's achievements, but this thread is and has always been about healing without scars. I just don't think SkinTE is going to achieve that, despite how much we hang on to the idea that it will. None of the results thus far have indicated scar free healing. Again, they are amazing, yes. But they aren'
  2. To people saying 'it's only 7 weeks'... Didn't Dr. Sun and the hydrogel team say that their dextran hydrogel regenerated full thickness skin completely within 2 weeks? Isn't that key to scar-free regeneration, to be healed by 2 weeks before the scar tissue develops? SkinTE looks like it'll be a great replacement for grafts and such, but for scars... It's really hard to have optimism after those pictures. Does the hand not already clearly show contractures? It's not just that it looks like it's
  3. Dang... I appreciate everyone's optimism... But these pictures don't look so good.
  4. Sorry, but no. As someone who has suffered from acne for a decade and is well into adulthood, this is simply and totally untrue. This might be your cure (and that's awesome if so), but it is definitely not everybody's 'holy grail' or 'the cure for acne'. I have tried every single diet and supplement, including the ones you mentioned. As the original poster said, there is no functional cure for acne. No disrespect, but after going through so much to try to defeat acne, it just bugs me when peop
  5. Yeah, as much as it pains me to say, I don't have any faith that we will be getting Sunogel anytime in the near future. Which, if I allow myself to think about it enough, makes me absolutely furious, to be honest. It appears to have tons of potential. But for some reason, not enough people give a damn, to be frank. I've been reading about Sun's hydrogels since 2011! It was supposed to be able to produce scar free healing all the way back then, it's now 2018 and it's still not even remotely clo
  6. I know the focus seems to be on SkinTE at the moment, so forgive me asking an unrelated question. But has anyone been in touch with Dr. Sun from Sunogel lately? Is there any indication as to when their product could be ready? I've been reading about the hydrogels since 2012. I don't understand why nothing has ever come to fruition. Especially since they are supposedly just devices and could be approved quickly. Are they even trying to do clinical trials or...?
  7. January 8th and 9th PolarityTE is meeting with their investors, right? Investors want to see a reason to invest. With this already being used on human patients, is there anyway we DON'T get the answers we are craving on the 8th or 9th?! In a weeks time, we could very well know if this is yet another let down... Or if we are finally living in the future.
  8. Thing is, hair follicles, sebaceous glands, sweat glands, etc. CANNOT grow in scar tissue, right? So if this all grows back as they suggest it does, that sounds pretty scar-free. At least to the point where any amount of scar tissue wouldn't be noticeable? That's how it sounds to me anyway. Getting those appendages to return is the hallmark of healing without scarring. I am so excited, like a lot of you, but are things that I am confused about! 1. Like you mentioned, why is this not blowing
  9. Hello everyone. New poster. Long time acne sufferer. I'm a male approaching 26 years old. I've had acne since I was about 16. Never horrible, but always persistent. It makes me absolutely crazy... It has shaped so many of my negative personality traits. It's absurd and awful. I have tried everythinggg. I've been eating the strictest diet imaginable for half a decade to no avail. Topicals, supplements, antibiotics... futile. I'm currently on 10g B5 daily. This is the last thing I will attempt