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  1. *Update* Currently not experiences additional large cysts. After a little more than a month on Bactrim DS I have noticed some great improvement, it is important to keep up with everything that you're doing. The keys to this treatment is patience, strict routine based on even spaced intervals (12 hours), and maintaining everything that you're doing. In addition to taking Bactrim DS, I take vitamin A, vitamin C, and Flax Seed Oil every morning. I also take a probiotic and wash my skin twice a
  2. Hey Criz, You go over to the community tab on the top, go to forms. Then click the forms that pertain to what you want to post. (In your case logs.) Then you click the button that says Start a New Topic. Hope this helps!
  3. Thank you, friend! I really appreciate the positivity and I look forward to the future.
  4. Hi everyone. So I have deviated from the paleo diet as well as been inconsistent with my face washing lately. If you want the maximum results for your treatment, please maintain strict routine and intervals in your regimen. I'm starting to break out again. I was only clearing up before hand, the break out is discouraging, but it's honestly not as bad as i would have been before. Obviously, I'm not happy. I'm so tired of acne. I've had a few pimples since I was 11 years old, and now It's
  5. I am currently taking Bactrim twice a day. I'll admit I've been doing the Paleo diet and it has helped my complexion pre-Bactrim, but I had two days where I ate things that aren't in the Paleo diet. Complexion is still meh... but has improved. I feel fine so far and hope that improvements continue even if I get a little less strict with my diet. I'm also taking vitamin supplements as I said and have been drinking a liver detox tea.
  6. So, I've started the Paleo diet: (no bread, gluten, or dairy.) I've been doing that for about two weeks now... Taking vitamin A & C supplements, flax seed oil, and zinc. I've been using a salicylic acid and sulfur wash twice a day. I noticed some great improvement from those steps alone in two weeks. Today, I went to my Derm and was prescribed Bactrim. (They said I need to try more antibiotics before the tane.) I'm hoping I can finally get myself under control. I feel super positive
  7. School doesn't have a dermatologist. My appointment for the derm is on the 3rd of August. Uninsured at the moment, trying to find health insurance is awful in the USA. I missed the open enrollment period apparently... I had no idea. Maybe I can still get health insurance, but it looks like it will have to be in September... I wonder if antibiotics will help. (Haven't tried every single one...) Not really wanting to try either, but maybe they might help while I have to wait. I hope it
  8. hahaha. I've been trying to change my diet lately see if that helps. I'm not terrible unhealthy... but I know the skin makes things look bad. I do drink a good portion of water. but definitely not 3 liters. Probably more like 2 liters or so a day. I think what really screwed me over was working for a fast food company. (It shall go unnamed, I still respect their business.) I worked their for like six months in the kitchen... noticed my pores were nastily clogged afterwards. I also got pa
  9. I've made the decision that I'm going to try and press for accutane. It's been slow trying to get into a derm. I'm going to make a few calls tomorrow. I hope everything works out. It's time I take my life back and stop drowning in social anxiety.
  10. I'm going to make a call tomorrow and see what goes down. Wish me luck, haha. If it doesn't work out, I'll try and press harder to see one of the derm's in this town. Will work on getting a health insurance plan that's compatible and hopefully where I won't need a referral, but I may be able to get one at the school.
  11. I am a full time university student. I haven't heard anything about health insurance until now, but it does seem that they have an insurance plan. I don't know how much it would cost or if the derm I'm planning on going to will take it but it might be a great idea!
  12. They do have a campus health center, but I don't know if they'd be able to prescribe me accutane. I haven't really asked. Should I place a call? Also, did you take the accutane? If so, what's it like? I pay the health fee, and I haven't had to pay for a prescription that they've filled out yet. Accutane may be different since it's not just antibiotics or whatever. They have a pharmacy at the university, no insurance though :-/
  13. Thanks so much for the response. I've gone like 3 forms now with nothing. (all different topics, though.) I don't think my acne in of itself is severe enough... (Maybe I'm wrong.) But I know my scaring and PIH is definetly an eye sore. I'm hoping that they consider my acne severe enough for the 'tane. Tired of washing my face with BP, SA, sulfur, tired of home remedies. Tired of acne.
  14. I live in the United States. I'm a nineteen year old male college student. I don't have insurance, but I know I'm going to find a plan that works to get accutane. My question is how hard is it to get accutane? I don't want to mess around with antibiotics or creams/ anything that I will have to use continuously. I know some people need a second course or so with accutane, but honestly short term relief sounds dandy to me right now. I can't take the social anxiety anymore. So, if I'm uninsured