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  1. wow, this is quite odd, most ppl experience the exact opposite, IMO I think you should count your blessings, I lost about 35% of my hair on accutane, and so dry I can't do anything to it. Hope that puts things in perspective
  2. accutane dried my hair out horribly, to counteract this I would only wash it like every 10-14 days. Towards the end it started falling out and breaking off, I'd say I've lost about 35% or more of my hair. 2 weeks post tane and still falling out, however it appears that it was always growing back the whole time, as I have a lot of short hairs across my bane area where the loss was most noticeable. Strangely enough, my doc. said nothing about hairloss as a potential side effect please note tha
  3. I read in an FAQ section on this very forum that acne scars otherwise known as post inflamatory marks will fade away in time, but could take up to but no more than 2 years. My friend had them during his accutane course and they all cleared up 2 months after he finished. I'm sure everyone is different though.
  4. Post inflamatory marks, which are "acne scars" in the form of color blemishes on the skin go away on their own but can take up to 2 years, but they WILL go away in time, without you overdosing on vitamins Pit scars on the other hand, which are indentions in the skin left over from acne will not go away, but you can get laser resurfacing done to "fix' them.
  5. hey thanks ScoobyDoo that really opened my eyes a lot, I have had my doubts before about my physician and his "circle of physician friends" he seems to refer us to when we have to go outside the care his office provides
  6. i started at 80mg a day, I weight 190 lbs. it's up to your doc. tbh, some like to pyramid the dose, some don't IMO I'd rather start off at the high dose
  7. This is wrong. It is often used for more moderate or milder cases that are not effectively treated by other means and in situations where the condition is causing personal, social or professional problems. I'm wondering what credentials you have to judge whether a trained physician specializing in dermatology is "worth his/her salt"?
  8. These comments make me laugh. I never had severe acne, and I never really scarred either. So...after dealing with acne for 20 years and using antibiotics for years and years....I NEVER should have been prescribed accutane?
  9. IMO from what you describe you do not need accutane, and any derm worth his/her salt would not prescribe it for you. It should be a last resort for sever acne, when other medications have failed.
  10. getting the occasional spot is common post accutane, remember accutane is a treatment not a CURE everyone i know personally who has taken accutane still gets spots, but it's nothing compared to how it was BEFORE the accutane. I'm post accutane right now as well and get spots, but they are minor and don't really bother me
  11. I've heard of this happening to tane users, however I workout regularly as well and didn't experience this (only experienced decreased energy levels and desire to workout). As far as the clicking, this is something that I do experience even before accutane, and for me it is my joints that are clicking and popping. Fish Oil and Glucosomine (sp) are great for joint health, however it takes about a month or more of taking it for them to really start feeling better.
  12. Avoid popping spots at all costs, you run a high risk of getting scars that way, trust me I wished i never touched one
  13. I just finished my accutane cycle, during which I experienced quite a bit of hairloss towards the end (and still am). Is there anything I can take to help with this? Vitamins? I have a dermo. appointment next week, is there a script I can ask the doc. for?
  14. Hello, Just finished up my course and wondering what I can use on my skin from now on into the future. Currently I use Neutrogena face wash and thats it. If i get minor spots what can I put on them? Also what can I use on my post inflamatory marks to help them clear up faster.
  15. I have ADD without accutane, I'd couldn't really tell if it was any worse on the drug ADD in general just takes self discipline to overcome, if you start to experience it because of the drug just rise above it, you can do it