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  1. Good luck Chris! I've been on it for three weeks, minor things like chapped lips, and soreness to the body happened but it doesn't really matter when you see results! I'm sure in months time, you will be pleased with your outcome using Accutane! I'm hoping for the best too--let me know when you're seeing a change, and how you're feeling! luvli x
  2. I have been on it for three weeks straight now and felt improvement. Thanks to my derma, she made me see that i have a chance! I was on several different medications, minocine...and creams like differen gel, as well as tretinoin cream...and they haven't worked one bit. My face has gotten so much smoother, and i feel comfortable touching my forehead. No more pimples there, and i'm very happy about that. However there is problems still with my cheeks, i mean they aren't as rough as before but i s
  3. lovely lady, i hope you'll be okay during your Accutane journey. I read about your side effects--but for the long run it'll be well worth it if you're feeling and seeing improvements on your face. as for me, i need to go head to the derma on the 20th and hopefully join you and the many others using 'tane! I've been having mild acne since i was 13, now at 19, it's not too pretty. Been using everything from clearisel, to neutrogena, to oil of olay, to proactive, back to neutrogena, aveeno cleansin