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  1. Does organic soybeans that I cooked myself bad or good? Reading this page tells me it's very good but with all the bad comments in this thread I wonder...
  2. well raw unfiltered honey has nutrients in it and enzymes while regular sugar is devoid of any nutrition. both are high glycemic though. i like using raw agave nectar. its sweet like honey but low glycemic. honey makes me break out while agave doesn't seem to.
  3. But how can you know precisely if or by what amount you are deficient in vitamins/nutrients? I mean other than looking at some symptoms list (like here). Does a blood test will reveal all of them?
  4. I saw my face was becoming really red after a big meal, didn't matter if it was healthy. It was like as if lot of red marks just suddenly appeared while eating but they faded away after an hour or two but never completely. May it be because of over-consumption of calories in a short time? On the last two days I ate the same things as before (kidney beans salad, green smoothies and such) but in very small amount at a time. As a result, no red mark(or at least much less) while and after eating. I'
  5. It's been 3 weeks now that I take a tablespoon of honey every night and so far it's nice. I'm not clear but I can see my face improving. The only other major thing I added lately in my diet are kidney beans (I've never been a big bean eater but from reading so much good about them I decided to try again... and it was a very good thing! ). Didn't help much for sleeping though...
  6. Hormones in chickens are banned since 30 years in Canada.
  7. Nice thread full of information! I've always stayed away from honey thinking it was too high in sugar. It's funny that you mention it helps with sleep as today I told one of my work colleagues that I had problem to fall asleep. I often feel tired during the day even if I slept 7 hours the night before. Must not be good quality sleep. Starting tomorrow I'll try one or two honey tablespoon before bedtime(like minutes before or more like an hour before?) and let you know if I feel/sleep any better.
  8. I'm 5'9 and ~130lbs so I'm underweight. A couple of years ago (~2000-2001) I was like ~200lbs. I lost 70lbs just by a drastic change of my diet (no fast food, dairy, any added sugar, cut a lot of the meat, the oil and all).
  9. Today while going to work I saw a small juice store selling smoothies and wheatgrass juice. So I try the 2 oz wheatgrass shooter and well... that's not very good They also give a little cranberries juice after to get rid of the taste! It wasn't cheap but I think I'll take another one tomorrow morning, can't hurt
  10. I agree with you and here are a list of the danger of dihydrogen monoxide in our life: http://www.dhmo.org/facts.html#USES That stuff should be ban!