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  1. ACTUALLY, it would be wise NOT to dismiss it as something that just goes away on its own. I'm 33 years old and i've had it since puberty and w no long term improvement. Try Dawn dish detergent, seriously. That's what clears mine up. I haven't figured out how to get it to go away completely though.
  2. I know how you feel... the latest drug I'm taking is DepaKote... for bipolar? I've been on lexapro, effexxor, prozac, you name it... so they are trying depakote. I do wonder if that has something to do with acne? I have "severe anxiety" as well... I'm really weird about going out in public... and even if there is people at the gas station... alot... I will not go in. Panic attacks have started to come into play again... after about a year of not having any... stress induced I suppose.
  3. brosome

    What to DO? I hate Bacne

    Beach Restricted Bacne
  4. I feel EXACTLY the same way. I have bacne also... I'm a guy and 27, and have had it since 13-14... way 2 long for sure. My story is a very complicated one as to my social life, but utimitly self exile is exactly what I've done. I left a successful career, never really loved myself... I get so mad when I see other people walking around... shirts off and not having to feel so embarrassed like a deformed mistake. I really love the beach. I love water, although i tell everyone i hate it...
  5. brosome

    back acne

  6. There's much in my past I'd rather forget... Acne has held me back so much... I'd take the clear skin.